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Di Fazio Connecticut

Submitted by Rob on December 8, 2009 – 12:00 am26 Comments

Wrapper: Ecuadorian Connecticut
Filler: Nicaragua & Honduras
Size: Torpedo (6.12 x 52)
Strength: Mild

Construction: I always find my self staring at the blond silky wrapper as it sits nestled between the dark maduros in the humidor. The Di Fazio Connecticut is smooth with minimal veins that can barley be felt with the fingers. There is just the right amount of tobacco that gives the Di Fazio Connecticut some weight but leaves a slightly spongy feel.

Draw: With just the right amount of resistance this Di Fazio Connecticut creates mountains of smoke. This is the type of cigar that can be punched, cut or even bitten (if your in a jam).

Burn: The Di Fazio Connecticut has no issues burning down to the nub. On some of the Di Fazio Connecticut cigars the burn became slightly jagged but self correcting. So if you are a perfectionist you may want to keep a lighter near by. The ash was thick and white but some of the stogies did a little “self-ashing” at every inch to inch and a half. Overall I would say the Di Fazio Connecticut did a great job burning and we did nothing extra to correct the jagged lines (again self correcting).

Flavor: It’s always tough to sit down and go into detail on any type of mild, smooth Connecticut cigar. The reason being is that the good cigars, such as the Di Fazio Connecticut, will always be constant while enhancing the other flavor profiles introduced with beverages or food.

We can say that the Di Fazio Connecticut has a very unique taste you may not find on other cigars in this category. It starts out with a grassy taste that finishes with a creamy smoke.  You will then get a smooth wheat profile that again finishes with a creamy smoke that coats your palate.

So in short the Di Fazio Connecticut is a grassy/wheat consistent cigar that produces lots of creamy smooth smoke.

Final Verdict: Di Fazio Connecticut retails in the $7-8 range. This is truly a unique Connecticut cigar that stands out in the market and is a gem to keep in the humidor. You can smoke this in the morning, to enhance any drinks or when you feel experiencing something unique.A new smoker will enjoy the smoothness and creamy smoke while the advanced will cherish its unique wheat like profile. Buy a box (24) or you can even buy the half boxes (12) Di Fazio makes. You will not be bored, you will not be sorry and this is a Connecticut you have to pick up before the secrete is out.


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  • I first heard of these like 2 weeks ago and was wondering how they were. sounds like I need to give them a shot. Thanks

  • Tony casas says:

    Great review sir!

  • Matthew says:

    Thanks for the review; I am a fan of Connecticut smokes and I’m always looking for a creamy, mild-bodied smoke. I’ve found Casa Torano to be my favorite in this category. The flavor profiles on this one seemed nice–where can these be picked up at?

    • Rob says:

      I do not know where they can be picked up at locally, but I do know you can view their website for retailers. I will be sending you some cigars anyways….

  • Nice review guys! Look forward to trying them. Thanks for the opportunity!

  • Bryan W. says:

    Rob – great review, definitely looking to giving these a shot. Thanks again!

  • Agent 86 says:

    These are completely new to me, thank you.

  • dannysguitar says:

    Great review guys. Never heard of the brand but sounds like a good smoke. For a Connie wrapper, I really like the Oliva Connecticut :-)

  • Keith1911 says:

    I’ve heard of them but never seen them. Might have to look and see about other blends as I normally don’t like Connecticut cigars.

  • mcangeli says:

    Hadn’t heard of Di Fazio, however after checking out the review and video, I’m going to have to see if the local B&M has any in stock… I’m willing to bet they do!

  • egcigarguy says:

    I had not heard of these cigars prior to this review. After reading the review, I am definitely interested in tracking some down…Cali seems to be some of the last places to get a lot of these newer cigars – gotta love a HIGH Tobacco Tax rate.
    Good Luck with your blends – DeFazio Cigars

  • CigarsThomas says:

    Read this review while driving in 405 traffic in Los Angeles from my blackberry. What do you call that? I call it dedication! HAHA!

    Great review. Makes me want one………

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  • Mike - KnightRid says:

    Nice review. I love Connecticut wrappers and truly love the Oliva Connie as a great morning smoke. I checked the website out for Di Fazio but nobody close to me carries them yet. I will keep my eyes open for them as it might be a great smoke to put in the daily routine for a morning cigar. Some of these small brands are producing really good cigars but tend to be higher priced than the big boys for the same type quality.


    Does anyone online sell these?

  • amy lewis says:

    These sound interesting–looking forward to trying! Maybe even winning ;) LOL. Either way, smooth!
    twtter smokey_frankie

  • JoseFloresJr says:

    Nice review guys. I have to look out for Di Fazio seems like a good brand. Congrats on getting an ad in Cigar Press, that’s awesome. Keep up the great work guys

  • Nice review. My local just started carrying these, I’ll have to pick some up

  • DJ says:

    Mmmmm…. Thanks guys — good stuff!

  • Pat says:

    I honestly don’t mind fondling a blond(e) with minimal veins! Hope these show up at the local b&m sometime soon.

  • rick boyer says:

    this is a cigar I have kept in my humidor for a few months now, I was first gifted one by Bob mcDuffee. I personaly like the larger gauges of cigars and they have a nice fat one. wish I could get em at my local b&m (outlaw in kcmo) thanks for the good review

  • Derek V. says:

    Hey guys, thanks for the review on these! I’ll have to keep my eye out, it’s been a while since I tried a mild cigar like this so I may have to give it a shot.

  • Brian says:

    Sounds like a great cigar. Will have to keep an eye out for these and pick some up!

  • Daniel Mero says:

    I dream of these fine cigars. I am in love with this cigar, everything about it is ideal for the mild cigar smoker. I would rank this cigar with the best of the mild cigars, ive aged them for a short amount of time in my humidor and they certainly developed quite well and have developed an amazing texture and flavor.
    Id love to add more to my collection.

  • Daniel Mero says:

    I am in love with these cigars! i recently smoked my first one. It was given to me by my local cigar shop owner to try out and i am ranking this cigar in the top of my mild and slightly smaller ring sized cigars. I love the flavorfull conneticut wrapper. Hopefully i can add a few extra of these to my slowly dwindeling humidor.

  • We reviewed a few Di Fazios recently and they scored quite good.
    The picoso is the one I prefer.

  • Rob Myers says:

    My current favorite mild smoke is the Rocky Patel American Market. Sounds like the Di Fazio Connecticut would make a nice addition to my humidor. Thanks for the great review! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!