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D’Crossier Imperium Class

Submitted by Rob on March 1, 2010 – 4:30 am2 Comments

Wrapper: Costa Rica
Filler: Costa Rica & Dominican Republic
Size: Robusto (4 7/8×50)
Strength: Medium

Construction: Rustic red in color with just a slight tint of “maduro” qualities this cigar construction was top-notch. The wrapper was very “real” and not hidden with colorings, lasers (to remove veins) or any of the other tricks cigar manufacturers like to apply. There was a good amount of tobacco stuffed inside to make it impossible to find a soft spot and very few veins could be seen or felt.

Draw: If you do not prefer a lot of smoke then it’s okay to give this cigar a punch or V-cut. However for our smoking style, a cigar with a good amount of smoke, we would suggest giving this a cut.

Burn: D Crossier Imperium Class cigar creates a slightly jagged path during the entire burn process. From start to finish the ash created is pepper like and does a great job of holding on. Only on a few occasions did the ash fall off without a nice firm tap.

Flavor: Let’s begin the flavor portion of the cigar review by letting you know that the D Crossier Imperium Class is consistent from start to finish. D Crossier delivers a smooth cigar with a basic tobacco flavor profile that is spicy. As you smoke the Imperium you will notice a slight hint of sweetness that you can even locate during the retro-hale. The finish brings a small change of even more spice that is reminiscent of a Pepin created cigar.

Overall the body is in the medium range and will slightly creep up to the more full segment at the end depending on the smokers palate.

Final Verdict: With a recent shift in pricing we are not quite sure what the D Crossier Imperium Class (or Imperial as we like to say) robusto will run at the local B&M. Despite having that knowledge we still urge the smokers out there to pick this brand of cigars up and give them a try. Especially if you enjoy maduro cigars, spicy cigars or just a new cigar that is carving it’s own flavor profile path. You will not be disappointed!

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