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D’Crossier Golden Blend

Submitted by Rob on April 22, 2010 – 3:00 am2 Comments

Wrapper: Ecuador
Filler: Costa Rica & Dominican Republic
Size: Torpedo (6 1/8×52)
Strength: Medium

Today’s cigar up for review is the D’Crossier Diplomacy Series Golden Blend. I have been letting my box rest in the humidor for about 6 months due to the lack of time to really sit down and enjoy the smokes. However it appears like fate wanted me to enjoy these today as puffingcigars.com received a request to review it just as the weather cooled down, I finally got around to packing the samples for a friend on twitter (jnbcigars) and I received a phone call  from Santana (the owner of the brand) to talk…. cigars. So without further ado let’s talk about the D’Crossier Diplomacy Series Golden Blend torpedo.

From the D’Crossier Website:
This eloquent and rare pyramid is inviting in its reddish colored wrapper. Enrobed in earthy and hazelnut notes it offers subtle sweetness to the palate with intermittent hints of spice. Typical of this complex and balanced blend, the smoke released is opulent, heady and almost intoxicating. Aromas of toasted chocolate and peppery caramel whisk you away to a majestic place. The nutty and cool finish remains in your memory, along with its tantalizing aroma. The head should be cut with measure to allow for maximum appreciation of the heady flavors.

Construction: The D’Crossier website describes the cigar best as “inviting” with its “reddish colored wrapper“. Generally you will be able to locate a medium sized vein or two but they will not cause any issues during the burn process. It was a densely packed cigar that allowed just a bit of movement during the standard pinch test. You will not find soft sports or any other inadequacies with the cigar.

Draw: This specific D’ Crossier Golden Blend I was smoking is a torpedo (as you can tell from the size listing and pictures) so you have to use scissors or a regular cutter to get her open. Now that the obvious has been said you can rest assured that there will be a perfect draw. It requires just a bit of a tug and you will be rewarded with impeccable spicy, yet slightly creamy, smoke.

Burn: I always like to point out the pictures, that can be found below the “Final Verdict” section of this cigar review, so that you can get an immediate visual analysis of the burn. I would still like to tell you that the D’Crossier burned creating a slightly jagged edge but required no touch-ups via the lighter. The peppery ash was very thick and held on passed the midpoint of the cigar.

Flavor: I will not break the D’Crossier Diplomacy Series Golden Blend flavor section down to sections because it was so consistent from start to finish. However I do not want you to misinterpret that as the cigar was boring – it was a phenomenal smoke.

What I do mean by consistent is that the cigar had the primary flavors (for lack of better words) of tobacco, a subtle sweetness, a medium body peppery  spice and caramel. All of these flavors seemed to intertwine each taking front stage at different points of the smoke keeping my palate very happy. The smoke delivered was semi-creamy and smooth while the body always stayed in the medium range.

Final Verdict: I wholeheartedly suggest everyone goes out and tries the D’Crossier Diplomacy Series Golden Blend cigar. It has just the right amount of spice, sweetness and tobacco flavors that everyone with palates in the medium to full body will enjoy it. Additionally the flavor is so unique and smooth (all the way down to the nub) you can always go to it for variation in your smoking lineup.

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