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Cuvee No. 151 Robusto

Submitted by Rob on March 16, 2009 – 12:29 amOne Comment

Wrapper: Brazilian Maduro
Filler: Nicaragua & Costa Rica
Size: Robusto (5×50)
Strength: Medium

Cuvee No. 151Cuvee is a French term used to denote wine of a specific blend or batch. The word originates from the French word cuve meaning “vat”. A cuvee wine may be numbered, indicating that the winemaker assigned a unique number to that blend.

Heavily influences by soil, climate and water table, great cigars and champagnes have much in common. Great champagne is created by harvesting the fines grapes and fermenting each specific variety separately. The vintages are then combined in artful proportion to optimize each blend or “Cuvee”.

This wine method of naming was used by Michael Cusano of Cusano Cigars for the companies limited production runs.

Having been released for a little while and knowing they are limited in production, it may be difficult for you to find the Cuvee No. 151 Robusto. I was fortunate enough that my local B&M still happens to have a few boxes in stock. If you are unable to locate any locally, then you can still find a few online retailers who carry the Cuvee No. 151.

Construction: The first thing will catch your attention on the Cuvee No. 151 is the dark dazzling Brazilian Maduro wrapper. Slightly oily in appearance, the Cuvee wrapper only has 1 or 2 visible veins that partially run down the side of the cigar. The tobacco is firmly wrapped and easily passed the “pinch test“.

Draw: Punch the Cuvee No. 151 as they all have a really easy, effortless, draw. The draw is so easy that smoke will just pour out of your small punch (as you might be able to see from the pictures).

Burn: Some of the Cuvee’s has a perfect burn, some were just slightly jagged. You will never have to touch up the stick – so it’s a worry free smoke. The ash was bright white and solid only falling off with a nice firm tap.

Taste: Flavors in the Cuvee No. 151 Robusto do not vary too much form start to finish.

Initially I was only able to pick a sense of smoky wood (as I said this cigar just pours smoke). The smoke has a medium body that will coat your pallet and leave a hint of spice in the background. As your cigar continues (just before the middle of the stick) bitter cocoa is introduced, a very welcomed change, and paired well with the finish.

Body only increases in the final 1/3 of the cigar but this is still a slight change. Bitter cocoa and a subtle spice are the only flavors draw form the cigar. Being so consistent makes it a great candidate for pairing with your favorite drink of choice.


Final Verdict: Both your retail  and online tobacconist will have this cigar in the $6.xx range. This is a good price point for a medium cigar, with a perfect burn, and consistent flavors (that can be paired with a drink). I use this cigar as a “starter” for the day and have found it most enjoyable during the morning time. I personally would not purchase a box of the Cuvee No. 151 just because it was not very complex.  However, keeping a few sticks in your humidor would be a good idea – I know you will find a time and place to fully enjoy what the Cuvee can provide.

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One Comment »

  • The Fuma says:

    Just smoked one of these and I was not impressed… I was pretty sure that I liked these sticks but apparently, I was either wrong or didn’t give it a chance. I will try another. ..