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Cupido Tuxedo

Submitted by Rob on February 17, 2009 – 5:20 am4 Comments

Wrapper: Dominican Republic
Filler: Dominican Republic
Size: Toro (6 x 50)
Strength: Medium

Cupido TuxedoI always try to introduce a cigar with some relevant, fun, or even random information. Sometimes, I just simply draw a blank.

Other times I feel like the cigar company, Cuban Crafters in this case, puts out a description/story that I can not compete with.

So here it goes:

Cupido Tuxedo are dark, rich and flavorful. They are produced in the Dominican Republic with seriously aged Ligero long leaf Filler and Binder.

This fine blend of Nicaragua and Dominican Republic Cuban-seed tobacco is draped in an ultra premium Habano Maduro wrapper that features a silky sheen. Unlike most other Maduro wrappers, this one is naturally cured over many years to preserve the tobacco’s delightful flavors. Each cigar is rolled by the expert hands of traditional Cuban Cigar Torcedores, assuring consistently perfect construction.

And now let me formally introduce you to the Tuxedo wearing Cupido:

Construction: Staying true to the “Tuxedo” name this cigar has a dark, formal looking wrapper. The semi-oily wrapper of this Cupido is very well constructed and very few light veins can be seen. Using the “touch” test I was unable to locate any soft spots and burned fairly well.

Draw: Due to the firmness of the Cupido Tuxedo I always elected to cut the end. The draw will require a tug but not to the point where the cigar is not enjoyable. Sometimes I wish the Cupido would have produced some more of its creamy smoke.

Burn: Cupido Tuxedo has a slightly uneven burn that starts right after the first 1/3 of the cigar. Fortunately it is very minor, self correcting, and still producing a very firm white ash.

Taste: From the light the Cupido Tuxedo is giving me a nice medium body profile. You will initially get a hint of something sweet in the background that mixes in very well with the prominent tobacco flavor. The finish has a bit of spice that really makes the cigar enjoyable.

The ash at this point is very firm and very white. There are lots of other “premium” (high cost) cigars that do not produce such a great ash.

Starting the 2/3 of cigar and the body is still sitting in a medium range. Sweetness has taken the forefront of the flavor war. You still really get a sense of the tobacco as a prominent taste that hits your pallet. Mocha has started lingering in the background while the spice still rounds everything off.

Completing the Cupido Tuxedo is still as enjoyable as the first two thirds of the cigar. The Cupido has not gotten bitter and has really maintained a great smoke. The body has only slightly increased and the smoke is at the most creamy point.  Flavor profiles have not changed.


Verdict Is: The Cuban Crafters Cupido Tuxedo (that’s a mouth full) is a very good consistant medium bodied cigar. The flavor profiles make it a great cigar to drink with coffee. Purchasing this cigar from Cuban Crafters has a 25 box cost of $169.99 or about $6.80 per stick.  I  have to say because of the price point, quality, and service you will recieve: Give this cigar a chance, it’s worth the try.

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  • Tommy Zman says:

    I have actually heard the tuxedo isn’t a bad smoke.

    - Zman

  • CWS says:

    A lot of the Cuban Crafter cigars are fantastic – 1959 Medinas, Don Kiki Brown, Cupido, etc. My only issue is with Cuban Crafters has been thier construction and burn – very uneven, lots of relights and too many canoeing, tunneling issues. Besides that – the prices are very difficult to beat.

  • Cigar Boss says:

    The Tuxedo is a good smoke.

    I guess I was lucky because I never experienced any tunneling issues or any serious burn issues.

    Some of the cigars are REALLY hard to be beat on the price level.

    Thanks for the comments.

  • CWS says:

    Don’t get me wrong – I think Cuban Crafters is an excellent boutique cigar maker. For every box I’ve bought it seems every 3rd or 4th cigar had had an issue.

    I will say Cuban Crafters stands by their product and has graciously refunded my money or sent more cigars.

    The prices are amazingly low – I got one box of cigars for $30. The low prices do help out with the burn issues.

    All in all, there is a Cuban Crafter cigar for everyone – more people need to do more reviews of their line.

    Thanks for the review . . .