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Cupido Cigars

Submitted by Rob on February 23, 2009 – 7:54 am3 Comments

Wrapper: Criollo
Filler: Cuban Seed Habano
Size: Revolucion (Robusto) (5 x 50)
Strength: Medium

Cupido CigarsFocusing on the boutique Cuban Crafters brand is my attempt in finding you a company with wonderful cigars, top customer service, but doesn’t require you to go broke in the smoking process.

I have reviewed the Cuban Crafters Cameroon, Cuban Crafters Cabinet, Cupido Tuxedo, La Carolina, and now for my favorite cigar from the brand: the Cupido.

To keep with the theme of the cigar reviews I have included the text from the Cuban Crafters website:

Cupido Criollo Revolucion are box-pressed beauties. They are the original boutique premium cigars that have won so many awards throughout the world. Produced using perfectly aged Cuban-seed habano long leaf binder and filler, Revolucion are wrapped in the best ultra premium Criollo wrappers that feature a dark and smooth silky sheen. Smoking a Cupido Revolucion is an experience not to be missed by any serious cigar lover.

All the Cuban seed tobacco used in each cigar is from the Cupido Vegas, a small tobacco field in Esteli, Nicaragua that yields extra rich tobacco. Every cigar is individually rolled by the expert hands of the traditional Torcedores of Tabacalera Esteli.

Construction: The Cupido is a very well constructed cigar. There were no major veins, the tobacco was firmly packed, and the square press body wrapped in a heart shaped band looks good. The wrapper has an oily sheen that will tempt you to give this cigar a try.

Draw: Perfect. I would go into more detail about each puff producing a cloud of great smoke, and which method I used to get my draw, but it doesn’t matter. Cut, punch, or v-cut will give you a great draw.

Burn: The Cupido burns at a great rate but was a little jagged throughout the entire smoke. It’s not a big deal because the cigar didn’t require any touch-ups.

Taste: The 1/3 of the cigar has a sweet taste but also gives you a real feel for the tobacco in the cigar. I’m drawing out a coffee flavor with a hint of wood. Smoke being produced is very thick and full. It will leave a slight spice on your pallet.

2/3 of the cigar still has the sweet taste, its very pleasant and I am glad it stayed around. The wood flavor is becoming more prominent enhancing the tobacco taste. The sweetness has taken backseat and the smoke continues to remain thick. Burn through the midpoint of the cigar is also jagged but does not need any correction.

Wood, coffee, tobacco, sweetness, and a wonderful thick smoke that coats your pallet all join in to make the final third of the cigar a real enjoyment. The body increases ever so slightly making sure the Cupido does not become boring.

cupido cigars

Final Verdict: $85.00 for a box or $3.40 for a single cigar means you should absolutely purchase a box (or at least try a stick). For the money, this is one of the best bangs-for-the-buck value smoke. If price was not a factor I would still suggest you give it a try. The Cupido is complex enough for a seasoned smoker and smooth enough for the new guy (or girl) joining the cigar party.

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  • Robert Heinly says:

    Can you tell me where I can buy some Cupido Cigars? Thanks,

    Robert Heinly

  • joe says:

    Yes cupido are the best i have tried to many different kind to even count and i will always go for the cupido actually it’s gotton to a point if they don’t have them then i won’t even smoke another cigar. I only buy 1 box of 25 at a time because i will just keep smoking them but their are others that cuban crafters make that are pretty good too but i just love cupido’s.