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Cubao #6

Submitted by Rob on October 28, 2008 – 2:09 am2 Comments

Wrapper: Ecuadorian Sumatra Oscuro
Filler: Nicaragua
Size: Robusto #6 (5.5 x 52)
Strength: Full

Walk through any cigar bar, cigar lounge, or plain tobacco shop that sells cigars and you will see a plethora of cigar boxes. Some of the cigar boxes will have bright vivid colors splashed across the front, maybe they have a unique shape, or you see a combination of both.

What you might not notice is a box built with rough wood – that really looks like it has been sitting in the sun for years. Once you pick this up you will have two thoughts running through your mind: 1. This cigar is a low quality sham or 2. This stick has to be something great, and they can get away with it.

You can make your own decision, but before you do let me provide you with some information about the cigars inside the beat-up box: They are made by United Tobacco (the same company who makes 601), blended by Pepin Garcia, and wrapped with a Ecuadorian Sumatra Oscuro wrapper . Welcome to Cubao.

Construction: Milk Chocolate. That’s how I would have to describe the Cubao wrapper in two words. After smoking many of the Cubao’s and looking at the other cigars in the family I can tell you that the construction is high quality. Small veins seem to crawl the non-oily wrapper and you can usually see one going down the cigar – but it doesn’t effect the actual smoking. When the “pinch test” was done the Cubao felt a little less firm then I would have liked but does not come undone during smoking.

Draw: For most of the smoke sessions with the Cubao a punch was used (maybe I feel bad about making the robusto any shorter?). The draw was absolutely perfect but I tend to think cutting the cigar made it maybe a little too easy. Either way you will get a full mouth of thick, white, lovely smoke.

Burn: Cubao started the burn off a little bit jagged and seemed to stay that way throughout the smoke. It was really nothing to worry about. The rate of burn was perfect and it created a peppery ash that was easily removed with a simple tap.

Taste: Pre-light of the #6 was just as exciting as the actual smoke. I was instantly hit with a freight train of pepper.

First third of the cigar kept the pepper taste in full force. Each puff brought my pallet lots of enjoyment and ended with a bit of sweetness. There is something else to this great cigar that’s hard to pinpoint. It was complex. Smoking this Cubao reminded me of some Cubans other well traveled cigars I tend to enjoy.

Moving on to the middle of the robusto the enjoyment only continued. The complexity continued to increase as the smoke became more flavorful and full. Chocolate and coffee displaced the pepper as the primary flavor coming through. A “hoppy” beer is something that comes to mind when I try to describe the other bitterness that comes through. Do not let the word “bitterness” scare you – It is a good addition to this cigar.

Eventually you will come to the final third of the cigar (its sad, I know). Chocolate and coffee remained as the primary flavors. You will find the “bite” of the Cubao #6 really pick up and stay with you a little longer with each draw. The smoke leaves a really creamy finish that, enjoyably, lingers.

Verdict Is: If you love complex, full bodied, perfect cigars – then go buy this now. This is a great buy that everyone should have in the humidor. Cubao #6 is only a $6 cigar that will put up a good fight, and win, against all the higher priced sticks.

I will buy even more boxes of the Cubao. Aging these cigars, while not necessary, should be amazing.

Other Cigars: I will edit this post when I can find cigars similar, and in the lower, same, higher price ranges. The only thing that comes to mind is the Oliva V.

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