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Cuban Crafters Cameroon

Submitted by Rob on February 22, 2009 – 3:26 pmNo Comment

Wrapper: Cameroon
Filler: Virgin Sun Grown Habano
Size: Toro (6 x 52)
Strength: Mild-Medium

Cuban Crafters CameroonThere are many cigar makers out there who produce and market “Cameroon” cigars. Did you know that to be a true Cameroon cigar the wrapper has to come from Africa?

The cigar makers know this but will continue to produce cigars with wrappers from other countries and label them as Cameroon.

The reasoning? Cost. Cuban Crafters has taken the time to produce a true Cameroon wrapper that is still easy on the wallet.

In search of the perfect blend, various tribes in Cameroon, Africa were visited by our scouts. After years of searching an ultra premium Cameroon wrapper was located. It blended perfectly with the premium Cuban seed tobacco from Tabacalera Esteli. It is grown by a tribe in a small village on the western edge of Cameroon, close to an active volcano named Mount Cameroon. The country’s most fertile soils are in this region, and the tobacco is among the world’s most expensive. The ultra premium Cameroon wrapper was then fermented to perfection and blended with the best leaves from Tabacalera Esteli.

Each toro size cigar combines the finest and most expensive Cameroon cigar wrapper leaves with the best Cuban Seed Habano tobacco from Tabacalera Esteli. The Long-Filler and Binder are virgin sun-grown Cuban-Seed Habano tobacco that has been fermented 5 times before being hand rolled.

Construction: Dark caramel in color, this Cameroon wrapper is easy on the eyes. You might see a light medium sized vein that runs somewhere on the cigar. Most of the wrapper consists of small veins that can not be felt. This was the first Cuban Crafters cigar that was not firmly packed with tobacco.

Draw: Punch the Cuban Crafters Cameroon. This specific Cameroon cigar has the easiest draw out of all the other Cuban Crafters I tried. Each effortless puff produces mountains of rich smooth smoke.

Burn: Cuban Crafters Cameroon did not give me any real problems while I was smoking. The burn will become a little jagged but it will not require any touch up work.

Taste: Cameroon cigars generally have the same flavor profiles and this cigar is no exception. Throughout the entire smoke you get some consistent wood and floral notes. This cigar is very earthy and leaves your pallet dry. Smoke from this Cuban Crafter has a light spice that is needed to make this cigar interesting.

Cuban Crafters

Final Verdict: Cuban Crafters Cameroon cost $100.00 a box or about $4.00 a stick. If you enjoy Cameroon wrappers, a cigar with an easy draw that produces lots of smoke, or a stick that goes well with your morning coffee: Then give this cigar a shot. There was not enough complexity for me to buy a box – but again I will get a few sticks for a nice morning smoke.

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