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Cuban Crafters Cabinet

Submitted by Rob on February 20, 2009 – 2:40 am4 Comments

Wrapper: Ecuadorian Habano
Filler: Habano 2000
Size: Robusto (5 x 52)
Strength: Medium-Full

Cuban Crafters Cabinet SelectionA dark  sultry wrapper embraced by a simple white band and finished with an eye catching pigtail top: This is the Cuban Crafters Cabinet Selection.

Cabinet Selection Robusto Cigars are handmade by experienced rollers with many years of experience. The Long-Filler is a sun-grown Cuban-Seed Habano. The Binder is an outstanding quality Habano 2000. It’s all covered with a flawless dark Habano Wrapper.

Cuban Crafters takes great pride in how these box pressed cigars are made:

They are made the old-fashioned way and taste like the cigars from Cuba used to. As the rest of the Cuban Crafters Cigars, they are TOTALMENTE HECHO A MANO, which means that from start to finish they are completely made by hand. Not just a cigar gift, but a work of art.

Construction: The first thing you notice on this Cuban Crafters cigar is how dark and oily the wrapper looks against the bright white band. Cuban Crafters Cabinet Selection has prominent veins that you can easily see and feel. Like the other Cuban Crafters cigars the tobacco is firmly packed.

Draw: I cut this pigtail cigar so there are no loose ends from the ripping or punching of the top but I have a feeling you would get a perfect draw either way.

Burn: At the start, the Cuban Crafters Cabinet looks like it’s going to be a champion with a nice white ash. When you really get into smoking, or after the first couple of puffs, the burn starts to travel its own path. I would suggest keeping a lighter near by for some minor corrections. By the end of the cigar the burn actually evens out on its own and finishes with that nice ash.

Taste: Cuban Crafters Cabinet Selection starts off with an explosion of leather and a hint of chocolate. The chocolate is in the background and just strong enough to really compliment the leathery taste. Smoke from the first 1/3 of the cigar is just a tad spicy and a bit light on the pallet.

Body starts to increase as you hit the middle of the cigar. Leather is the primary flavor I can detect and the chocolate has faded a bit more to the background.  A woody flavor comes into play making this cigar interesting. The spice is also stronger, which I love, and the smoke is thicker and is doing a good job at coating my pallet.

Now we are into the medium-full body range of the cigar. Unfortunately the spice has faded but the woodsy flavor has increased. This simple change has made the cigar complex enough to enjoy down to the nub. I only ashed the cigar twice during my session.

Cuban Crafters Cabinet Selection

Final Verdict: A box from Cuban Crafters is $79.99 or about $3.20 per stick. Keeping that in mind I would suggest you pick up some sticks and give them a try. The tobacco and flavors are great but you will have to correct the Cabinet when you are smoking. If you don’t mind putting in a little bit of work – then go for it and buy these.

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  • Tommy Zman says:

    These gars can be very hit or miss. I’ve had some beauties and some dog rockets. But for the money it’s worth a try.

    - Zman

  • CWS says:

    From a taste perspective, the majority of the Cuban Crafter cigars will hit the mark. Where they miss SOMETIMES is construction, draw and burn.

    I’m a big fan of Cuban Crafters but I do find it frustrating – their cigars remind me of the construction and burn issues I had with my Alec Bradleys.

    From a price point – they can’t be beat. I have picked up boxes of cigars from Cuban Crafters for less than $35 on sale.

    Thanks for getting the word out on Cuban Crafters and their line of cigars – great idea to highlight a boutique manufacturer over the course of a week – thanks again.

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  • Agis says:

    I am very dissapointed by Cuban Crafters client service team.
    I’ve bought months ago, 2 bundles of Don Quijote Robustos and the transaction went smooth and with no problems.I’ve delivered the cigars within a month and I must admit I enjoyd this Don Quijote very much.I’ve placed a new order,this time a much more expensive one and this time, after 2 whole months,my package is nowhere to be found.The CC client service didn’t respond to any of my 4 e-mails,so I’ve called them to speak directly with somebody,only to get informed that they’ve send the package by Global service,meaning they can’t track it.No “sorry”, no cigars,no refund,no compensation.Thancks for nothing CUBAN CRAFTERS.You’ve just lost my buziness…