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Cohiba Behike 54

Submitted by Oliver on July 22, 2011 – 6:08 amNo Comment

Cohiba Behike 54

Length: 144 mm
Diameter: 21.43 mm
Ring gauge: 54
Laguito No.5

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not the kind of person to just buy a whole box of those beauties and smoke them light-heartedly. When I first heard of their release, I thought “wow! I guess I have to wait a little till I could afford myself one or even all three from the Behike line. Or maybe some very good friend of mine will think of me someday and give me one as a birthday gift. “Well, here I am with a Cohiba Behike 54 in my mouth and pray to God that it never ends. I want to say a very special thank you to my friend, Charlie; he’s the best guy I ever met. I am indebted to you, buddy :)

Let’s get a little piece of history here. I’m sure you know the Behike cigar of 2010 is a re-release
of an older version, launched as a Limitada series in 2006. That batch came in hundred of boxes that were containing 40 cigars each and were released to launch the 40th Anniversary of Cohiba brand.The new line launched in 2010 was aimed at adding some new vitolas to the whole Cohiba brand and be available for more smokers than in case with Limitada edition.

The line consists of three different vitolas and, according, to the official Habanos site, “three new heavy ring gauge vitolas have never existed before as Habanos formats”. The cigar itself is made of a very rare tobacco leaf Medio Tiempo with an outstanding taste and aroma.

10 beautiful Cohiba cigars are presented in a varnished black-colored box with gold letters on it. Each cigar has a special hologram on it that distinguishes it from other vitolas of this brand. It should also make it much more difficult to counterfeit it, though not impossible at all.

The Appearance of Cohiba Behike 54 will tell even the most unskilled smoker this would be a very good cigar. Smooth, with almost no veins, perfectly rolled – thought I doubt a cigar like this could look worse. :)
The first third started with a very pleasant creamy taste that I didn’t want to stop at all, and though the body was quite strong, it didn’t prevent me from enjoying these precious moments and feeling myself like I’m laying somewhere on a Bali beach and live my life to the fullest.

The second third made a sharp turn and changed BHK’s taste to the one I already knew from my previous Cohiba experience, just a little more powerful than usually. Lots of spice and pepper, along with reinforced creaminess and a bit of chocolate make me feel I’m in heaven and don’t wanna get back to you, guys :)

The last third is the apotheosis of everything good which happened to me while smoking this cigar. It gave me all the pleasant moments I went through in the first two thirds (no pun intended:)) but in a more complex and mighty way. Lots of creaminess and spice which freshened me, made me smoke it to the nub (though I swear I don’t do it too often:))

My conclusion: if you have at least $40 you don’t need at all, don’t listen to your wife who’d probably kill you for spending your money like water. Or any other ill-wisher who’d tell you they’re not worthy a cent from your wallet cause they’re simple and bland – he probably envies you. :)
Happy smoking, guys!

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