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Casa Magna Colorado

Submitted by Rob on January 28, 2009 – 9:11 am4 Comments

Wrapper: Nicaragua (Colorado)
Filler: Nicaragua
Size: Robusto (5.5 x 52)
Strength: Medium-Full

Casa MagnaCasa Magna Colorado was chosen as Cigar Aficionado’s cigar of the year for 2008. The choice might have come as a surprise to many, if not every single person in the world.

Maybe Cigar Aficionado was trying to hit on the “economic” theme going around lately. Perhaps they are finally trying to appeal to the everyday smoking crowed who can’t afford the $30 stick or import Cuban’s. Either way – here you have it, the number 1 cigar of 2008.

The Casa Magna is the creation of two cigar legends, Manuel Quesada and Nestor Plascencia. The Casa Magna is rolled in Esteli, Nicaragua and this is considered a Nicaraguan puro. Tobacco used for the cigar is all Cuban-seed, grown in Estelí (produces stronger tobacco) and Jalapa.

Construction: When the box of cigars is open you will immediately notice the reddish-brown hue the Colorado wrapper gives off. This Casa Magna Colorado was just glistening with oil and the wrapper had a slight “rough” look to it. While there were many small veins running through the cigar, not a single one brought any concern to my mind. The tobacco was packed in nice and tight and there were absolutely no soft spots to be found.

Draw: Casa Magna Colorado has a draw that requires a slight pull but will deliver a huge amount of rich creamy smoke. I love smoking cigars with this type of draw but because of the amount of tobacco packed in I would recommend cutting the cigar instead of punching.

Burn: Casa Magna Colorado delivers a pretty straight burn through the entire smoke of the cigar. It can slightly burn uneven but the Casa Magna will always correct itself. You will also notice the Colorado wrapped cigar may have a slower burn rate than other sticks making this a cigar you need to dedicate a little extra time to.

Taste: Spicy, spicy, spicy – that’s all I can really say about the beginning of the Casa Magna Colorado. I am a huge fan of spicy cigars, so when I put this to my lips for a pre-draw/pre-taste I had an instant smile cemented to my face.

Well as you beginning smoking the cigar the spice does not run away. Heck, the smoke is even spicy enough where I feel like its permanently embedding itself into the back of my throat – and I love it. It’s hard to get any other flavors through the cigar but I do pick up a coffee lingering in the background.

As the 1/3 portion of the Casa Magna ends I’m finally able to pick up more profiles from the cigar. A sweeter taste has come into play thats mixed in with a woodsy hint.

Midway through the spice fades to background and I get a real sense of the tobacco. The woodsy profile is still in play and I can swear the in a hint of chocolate (mocha). Other tasters say you get an earthy taste at this segment. This is the point where the cigar really starts to mellow out and be consistent.

Now we have reached the strongest, in terms of body, part of the Casa Magna Colorado. Spice gets a bit stronger and the chocolate still lingers. The smoke is leaving my pallet dry – so have a nice whiskey or coffee near by. Flavors have been complex making this cigar an excellent smoke (especially for 5 bucks).

casa magna

Verdict Is: Casa Magna Colorado is a must buy cigar for many reasons. One – when was the last time you can get a number 1 cigar (Cigar Aficionado 2008) for about 5 bucks? Secondly this is simply a tasty, spicy, wonderful cigar that you will find your self craving for (and did I mention it’s only $5?) Most importatnly – the Casa Magna Colorado becomes really good with some age. This box I had in my possession was aged for a bit and made the cigar much more full body, spicy, and all around great. So don’t be afraid to buy a box and age it for a treat down the road.

Other Cigars: I’m having a hard time coming up with some other cigars that have a similar profile. I will make sure to come back and edit this as something comes to mind.

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  • Henny says:

    One of the most delicious smokes I’ve ever had!
    Spicy and strong, yet earthy and mellow. Definitely a hint of chocolate. I thought I detected also a hint of black cherry. Overall a wonderful smoke. A real treat!

  • Manny says:

    I think what Henry tasted was his dinner. I have never tasted any chocolate or black cherry …. Good smoke

  • joolz says:

    The price is a steal. The oily reflection makes it obviously a cigar to grab. Amazing smoke. Burns evenly…rich….it kept suprising me with its woodsy and antique flavors….if you think a 30 dollar cigar is worth the hype compared to this champ…you don’t know what an amazing cigar truly is. This is a wonderful cigar.