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Carmelo Blue

Submitted by Rob on February 22, 2010 – 3:00 amOne Comment

Wrapper: Nicaraguan
Filler: Nicaraguan (Esteli & Jalapa Valley)
Size: Robusto (5×52)
Strength: Medium-Full

Today’s cigar in review is the Carmelo Blue by Honduras Caribbean Tobacco. I was first introduced to this cigar while attending the 2009 IPCPR in New Orleans.

I was out for drinks one evening with a few acquaintances when my cigar supply had somehow dwindled down to zero. A young man noticing my dilemma offered  me the Carmelo Blue cigar and a light. After the first initial puffs I was immediately in love with the cigar and joined in a long “B.S.” conversation the rest of the evening.

While speaking to him I was unable to get more information about the Carmelo Blue. I was just told to enjoy it and seek out the Honduras Caribbean Tobacco booth if it was really something of interest to me. I was able to locate the booth and to my surprise this man, Clayton, was working. It turns out Clayton was actually the owner of the company.

Construction: The Carmelo Blue wrapper has a slightly reddish color that looks amazing against the dark blue/purple band. My eyes can visually see some veins but they can not be felt with my hands. The tobacco is packed in there nice and tight ensuring there are not soft spots.

Draw: Since the tobacco in the Carmelo Blue was densely packed I was a little hesitant to start off my smoke with just a punch. However, to much surprise, the Carmelo was drawing like a champ! Each puff required just a slight tug to pull the right amount of thick spicy smoke.

Burn: You’re not going to hear any complaints from me on the burn of the Carmelo Blue. Every single stick created a nice thick ash that was slightly gray in color. Perhaps the perfectionist might notice that the burn was slightly jagged but it never required any corrections.

Flavor: As I sat down on a nice cool evening just after eating dinner I was in the mood for a specific kind of cigar. I wanted a no-nonsense cigar that would be smooth and spicy – this is exactly what the Carmelo Blue delivered.

The first third of my cigar was medium in body and carried the right amount of spice. It wasn’t a pepper stick that would overkill your palate and keep you sipping on water throughout. It was just a medium spice that complimented a very smooth thick smoke. It was interesting how the smoke also left a different flavor of spice on your palate on the exhale and remained until the next puff.

There are not too many noticeable changes in the middle of the Carmelo Blue. If your sense of taste is sensitive enough you may start to pick up a little bit of cedar lingering in the background. Body may slightly increase to the more full range and the spice is still right in the middle. The smoke is still giving me a different flavor profile of spice on the exhale of the thick smoke.

By the time you get to the final third of the cigar the tobaccos and flavors have all married very well. Changes include a slight introduction of dry coco that can be found in the smoke. The body has increased somewhat but many will still find this in the medium range. A straightforward spice, a hint of cedar and a bit of coco make this a great finish.

Final Verdict: The MSRP on this stick is somewhere in the $6.xx-7.xx range. This is a cigar that always transitions and keeps the palate entertained with spice and subtle flavors. It comes in 8 different sizes that will be sure to please any smoker out there.  Because of this I can do nothing but recommend you give this brand/cigar a shot in your humidor!

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