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CAO Gold Vintage Cremant

Submitted by Rob on November 18, 2009 – 5:44 am9 Comments

Wrapper: 2004 Ecuadorian Connecticut
Filler: Nicaragua & Honduras
Size: Cremant (Toro) (6 x 52)
Strength: Mild-Medium

Construction: The CAO Gold Vintage Cremant is a beautiful cigar (maybe because of the cool bands CAO always uses). It has a spongy firm feel to the touch and no veins can be felt with the hands. A light oily sheen covers the CAO making it impossible to see the wrapper lines in this caramel colored stick.

Draw: The CAO Gold Vintage has a perfect draw that some people might find a bit too easy. On the multiple cigars we have smoked we never had any burn hot on us. We suggest starting with a punch so you can gauge how easy or hard the cigar draws for you.

Burn: A few of the CAO Gold Vintage Cremant cigars needed a just a little touch up during the smoking process. It was not major enough to consider it a problem but keep a lighter near by. The ash was also inconsistent, some cigars had a great ash that stayed on while the others fell at every opportunity.

Flavor: The CAO Gold Vintage Cremant is one of the most delightful and consistent toro sized cigars we have smoked in a long time. On first light you are introduced to a very light sweet tobacco that has some nutty characteristics. The sweetness is a mixture of vanilla and caramel that is only amplified by the creamy smoke on the finish. The final component is a very nice spice that leaves you craving for more.

Towards the middle of the cigar, and consistent to the end, the nutty notes have warmed the Gold Vintage up. As the cigar is now smoking in the medium body range you will still get the caramel, the vanilla and perhaps a slight floral taste. The spice on the CAO has also changed and subdued a bit but the creamy finish still remains.

Drinking a coffee, espresso or any morning drink will only increase the enjoyment the CAO Gold Vintage brings. Thus making the cigar perfect for a morning start or paired with a light meal.

Final Verdict: CAO Gold Vintage Cremant retails in the $8-9 range. This is a cigar that everyone should try, buy and keep in their humidor. It pairs well with drinks and makes a perfect start to the day. The cigar also has qualities that usually do well with time, so hide this in your humidor and see how it does. It’s mild and complex enough that new smokers will enjoy it with ease and the seasoned aficionado will enjoy the subtle touches. Pick the CAO Gold Vintage up while you can and let us know your experience!

CAO Gold Vintage

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  • Lucas Konk says:

    Not bad but not good either…. Again it’s flat, and it’s to safe to smoke. SAFE is my word since there is never a surprise. I got a box of 20 for my birthday and i am satisfied but not exited. I stick with Double Corwn Maximus, Alec Bradley, Rocky Patel, Ghurka…

  • Lucas Konk says:

    Nooo sorry actually these are bullshit cigars… Let me do a video next time guys. Thanks.

  • D Jones says:

    I’d be surprised if you got a box of 20 for your birthday since the Gold Vintage is only available in boxes of 10. My guess: you got a box of CAO Gold. And there is a huge difference. CAO made a big deal about the wrapper of the Vintage being from the banner 2004 harvest year, but if you look at their website you’ll find out that pretty much the entire blend is different from the regular Gold. I personally am not a big fan of the Gold, but think the Gold Vintage is one of the finest mild smokes on the market.

  • Lucas Konk says:

    OK. I will try to get some of those it is highly possible that i have the CAO Gold.

    in the meantime in the past 2 weeks I smoked a CAO Italia and Brasilia…

    Let me tell you my feeling about the set… YES CAO cigars are clean presentation, well marketed but ultimately it all comes down to the taste and the experience. When it comes to that the entire efforts that CAO puts out are killed. The product has to follow up their image.

    I am big into cubans since i lived most of my life in europe. Since I am now in the usa I discovered the other origins… Nicaragua, dominicans, ecuador, etc…

    Cao is def not on my top list. I will find a gold vintage and come back to this page for review.

    Search for Cigar Intelligence Agency in facebook and join the research, review, and talks.


  • andrew says:

    I have to say that lucas should take a little more time with what he is smoking , If you dont know what you are smoking theres a problem . Ive been smoking cigars for a long time almost 20 years and i have to say CAO hit a home run when they released CAO gold vintage an excellant cigar creamy and the construction is second to nune,also the la traviata that i believe came out almost the same time is also delicious.They backed up there name and i for one am a CAO fan for life.

  • Lucas Konk says:

    OK fine we know already i made a mistake.
    I haven’t found the smoke and I WILL BE BACK…
    In the meantime then let me ask you what are your feelings on :

    CAO GOLD ( then )

    All those i smoke at least 2 to make sure I had the right feeling.
    I am going for la Traviata + Vintage Gold asap.

    I will.

    • andrew says:

      Im not getting on your back just saying these to lines came out and i think there great,that does not mean you are going to think that but they are definatly worth a second and third try. Long ashes to ya.

  • D Jones says:

    I am a big fan of the Brazilia, especially the Box Press. It’s spicy and full-bodied and almost always enjoyable.

    The Italia is good, but not great, in my opinion. I won’t turn them down if offered, but don’t often go in search of them.

    The Criollo is very good when I’m in the mood for it, but again not something I go in search of.

    The Gold (regular series) is a decent mild cigar, and good as CAO’s first foray into the marketplace, but has been outdone about a hundred times in the last 10 years.

    Again, just my opinions.

    If you are searching for some other interesting smokes from the CAO lineup, I would recommend the Sopranos (a little pricey, but full-bodied, full-flavored, and worth it on occasion), MX2 (sweet, medium-to-full), LX2 (spicy, full-bodied, tons of flavor), and Cameroon (mild-to-medium, lots of flavor, one of my long-time favorite CAOs). I know you’ve already mentioned looking for La Traviata…fantastic smoke, I’m planning on buying a box (and I already bought box of Gold Vintage…another homerun from CAO).

  • Lucas says:

    @ D Jones…

    Cameroon (mild-to-medium, lots of flavor, one of my long-time favorite CAOs)

    OK that I am going to look into.
    As far as la Traviata I have not been able to try it.
    Brasilia ( smoked another one ) and it does not make me happy.
    In the mean time I could not locate any Vintage Gold yet…

    To be continued…