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CAO America Landmark

Submitted by Rob on January 1, 2009 – 9:08 pmNo Comment

Wrapper: Connecticut Broadleaf Maduro & Connecticut Shade Wrappers
Filler: Nicaragua, Italy, Dominican Republic, USA
Size: Landmark (6×60)

CAO AmericaThe CAO America Landmark box of cigars was brought into and everyone was excited. A bright blue box with patriotic markings opened up to some beautiful pinstriped cigars. Construction of the Landmark cigars looked great, the box sat nicely next to my copy of the constitution, and each Landmark has beautiful bands at the head and foot.

Too bad the CAO America Landmark only looked great.

Smoking the Landmark was disappointing. The CAO started off bland, finished bland, and reminded everyone of cardboard. Knowing it may need some more time to age the box was set in the humidor for a period of 6 months. Each month that passed a new stick was removed to see how it was aging and if was enjoyable at that point. At the 6th month mark (we were prepared to leave it in for longer) the cigar became smokeable.

These are the CAO Landmark cigars we reviewed.

Construction: I give credit where credit is due – and CAO deserves some credit. CAO builds cigars that are always well constructed. The CAO Landmark had a nice wrapper with only two soft veins running down the back of the cigar. The pinstriped wrappers do not come apart while smoking. Tobacco was packed in tight and the Landmark had no troubles passing the “pinch” test.

Draw: CAO has very high construction standards and gives all their smokes a draw test. Because of this I always expect the draw to be good/perfect. This box of CAO Landmarks was really a crap shoot though. I would say 50 percent of the cigars had a medium draw and the other half had a more medium-hard draw that required some elbow grease. I wonder if it had anything to do with the double wrappers?

Burn: The CAO Landmark is rolled with two full sized wrappers, and by knowing this I did not expect the burn to be perfect. I was correct. The burn was a bit jagged and depending what cigar I got from my box – the burn got bad. Even when it was bad the CAO Landmark burn would manage to correct it self.

Taste: The cigars prior to the 6 month resting period were bland and boring. Plain. Cardboard-esk (yes I made that up). I really couldn’t pull any immediate flavors from the sticks and I would find my self throwing away half smoked cigars.

Now once the CAO Landmark cigars were properly aged for about 6 months things changed – just a little. The cigar took on a heavier body that was still in the medium range. Each draw gave me a slight spice, a slight… something that made the cigar tolerable.

CAO America Cigars

Final Verdict: On the retail level the CAO Landmark cost about $9, searching the internet brings the price of the cigar down to $7.xx. Either way you wasting $9 or $7.xx. The CAO Landmark is boring and… plain. There is no reason to spend that kind of money on a cigar that needs aging. However this is a cigar that’s mild-medium in strength and looks really nice. This is important because it now becomes a cigar you can give to your non-smoking friends (if you have to get rid of them).

Other Cigars: Do you really want to know what other cigars are bland and boring until you age them for 6 months? And even at that you still just get a little bit of spice? I didn’t think so. CAO makes some high quality, great cigars – so don’t be afraid to pick something else up from them (think LX2).

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