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Camacho Connecticut Monarca

Submitted by Oliver on July 6, 2009 – 5:42 amNo Comment

Wrapper: Connecticut (Ecuador)
Honduras, Dominican
Monarca (Robusto) (5 x 50)

Camacho ConnecticutA Stroll in Flavor Country

Every once in a while its  nice to take the path less traveled, and branch out into uncharted waters.  Camacho is no novice brand when it comes to making good cigars, but they are new to making a mild Connecticut stick.  It is in fact a response to the masses who have been clamoring for a stick of this nature.  The Camacho Connecticut is a wonderful treat wrapped up in a truly inexpensive package.

The stick I chose was the robusto (Monarca) size, and it was selling for five and some change at my local cigar haunt, Casa Fuma, in Gilbert.  Having smoked the stick with one of my good friends, and talking with the proprietor of Casa Fuma, Cliff Coen, we all concluded that it was a great stick for the price, and a lovely example of a Connecticut.

In choosing the size, I went with the preferred size of Camacho’s president Christian Eiroa.  In a recent article he stated “I tend to favor the robusto.  It is the chassis from which we make all of the blends.  In my opinion, this size, 50 ring by 5 or 41/2 inches, allows us just the right girth for the blend to develop and the right amount of time to smoke the cigar.”  It is knowing this that I sampled his preferred size, and was greeted with a wonderful smoking experience, that I liken to taking a stroll through flavor country!

Construction: The construction of the Connecticut is a revealing look at the passion of the master blenders at Camacho.  Every Camacho Connecticut is an amalgamation of different blends of tobacco from all over the Central American region.  The wrapper is a beautiful Ecuadorian Connecticut leaf, which gently wraps a Honduran binder, that securely nestles the Dominican and Honduran filler.  All of the  wrapper leaves that I inspected in the box, and on my stick were smooth and without rips or tears.  The cap was of a sturdy construction that allowed for the Camacho Connecticut to be easily punched or cut, without compromising the integrity of the draw.  On this particular size I would recommend a punch.

Draw: The draw of the Camacho Connecticut was tight, but smooth.  It was tight in the sense that you could feel some resistance, but smooth in that smoke had no trouble passing through the channels and come spilling out in creamy clouds of tastiness.

Burn: While smoking the Connecticut I found the burn to be even and steady.  There were some moments where the burn was slightly uneven, but overall it held a fantastic burn down to the end.  Throughout the smoking experience the ash was consistently strong and light gray, with a slight striated pattern.  Overall the cigar burned the way it was supposed to and clearly showcased the telltale signs of expert rollers who know how to construct one fine cigar.

Flavor: One of the most flavorful cigars to me is a well constructed Connecticut.  Perhaps it is because that is the type of stick I first started out with, and it therefore will forever hold a special place in my heart, but a creamy Connecticut is truly a blissful smoke.  The Camacho Connecticut is creamy, spicy, and contains a constant note of cedar.  Upon the first draw the spicy taste is the overture to the masterpiece that is about to unravel in your mouth.  From there the spice becomes the sotto voce to the notes of cedar that take over for the remainder of the time.  From there it is a mixture of cream and cedar with the interruption of nutty flavor all the way to the last inhalation.  Connecticut’s can tend to end on a bitter note, but this cigar had no hint of bitterness at the end, and was a delectable cigar that any connoisseur could appreciate through and through.

Connecticut Camacho

Overall Opinion: From start to finish the Camacho Connecticut is one of the nicest mild body Connecticut’s I’ve had the pleasure of smoking.  Everything melded together to create an enjoyable smoking experience for a rock bottom price.  To be quite honest, this stick comes close to Ashton quality at half the Ashton price.  Camacho has done well in venturing out into terra incognita, and come back with cigar gold!  So if you are looking for a delightful mild body connecticut at a lower end price, or higher end price for that matter, then this cigar should definitely be at the top of your list for taste, construction, and overall economy.

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