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Ashton Half Corona

Submitted by Rob on September 15, 2009 – 4:57 am2 Comments

Wrapper: Natural Shade Grown
Filler: Mixed Blend
Size: Half Corona (4.12 x 37)
Strength: Medium

Construction: Ashton Half Coronas have a very rough looking wrapper. The Half Corona wrapper is light golden brown in color that appeared very matte.  The small cigar has a nice firm feel to it that stays together perfectly during the smoking process.

Draw: Well Ashton, you may have surprised me with the rough looking wrapper but I knew you would make it up to me with a perfect draw. A nice slow draw will create lots of tasty smoke on the palate.

Burn: Again the Ashton reputation comes through with a great burn on this little Half Corona cigar. Unlike other smaller cigars this Ashton is capable of holding a very nice ash. On average the Ashton Half Corona only has to be ashed twice.

Taste: The Ashton Half Corona is a very consistent and pleasant cigar to smoke when time is not on your side. From start to finish you are going to get a very mellow tobacco taste with a slightly spicy finish after a creamy smoke.

The Ashton Half Corona is much like smoking a Classic and a Heritage mixed together with a touch of Cuban tobacco (for the lucky few who have had the forbidden).

Final Verdict: Don’t you like the small creamy soup before  a large meal? Or maybe that quick late night delight when you should be in bed sleeping? Of course you do – everyone does. This is the same way I look at the Ashton Half Corona.

For just $2.00 the Ashton Half Corona is a perfect cigar to start your morning with or a great quick cigar to end your evening on. They come in packages of 5 so I would suggest buying a couple of boxes. Anyone will be able to smoke these and enjoy the great Ashton cigars.

Ashton Half Corona

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  • Cigar Guy says:

    Aren’t these machine made in Europe? How could they taste like a heritage and a classic?

  • Laramy says:

    These are machine made in Europe, they consist of Camaroon wrapper and binder, with a blended short fill. The quality of the leaf is very good, and is comparable to other quality machine made European cigars, such as Villger, but they are a very different smoke from Ashton’s full size cigars. Despite the short fill, they ash well and do not drop cinders.