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A. Fuente Short Story

Submitted by Rob on January 22, 2009 – 4:59 amNo Comment

Wrapper: Cameroon
Filler: Dominican Republic
Size: Perfecto (4 x 48)
Strength: Medium

A. Fuente Short StoryAccording to Carlos Fuente Jr., his grandfather was a big producer of Perfecto shaped cigars as they were “very, very popular during the 1920′s, 30′s and 40′s“. As time went on, and the natural life cycle took its course, the pool of cigar rollers capable of making such a cigar dwindled. Most manufactures also moved away from this “classic Cuban” sized cigar and the shape was generally lost to the public.

A. Fuente stopped producing the Perfecto in the “1960′s or early 1970′s“.

When the plant was moved to the Dominican Republic in 1980 Carlos Fuente Jr decided it was time to bring the shape back. He then asked his father, who was taught how to create the shape, to reintroduce the Perfecto. Luckily, Carlos Fuente was able to locate the old family molds used and reproduction of the cigar could begin.

The cigar was reintroduced as a limited production “maybe twenty cigars a day for ourselves to smoke and enjoy” but the size was a full 6×47. After some more “fooling around” with the cigar size the Short Story was born.

Construction: A. Fuente has a reputation for only releasing high quality smokes. Construction on this perfecto shaped cigar was… perfect. The wrapper was the standard Cameroon dark caramel color with no major veins. It was tightly wrapped and the A. Fuente felt like it was just stuffed with tobacco.

Draw: I opted for a regular cut on the Short Story cigars because I do not have a punch small enough to fit the cigar. On some of these little sticks you may find a draw that is a bit tight. However this is perfectly normal for this shape of cigar. The majority of the Short Story box has a perfect draw.

Burn: The Hemingway Short Story burned at just the right pace and had a perfectly straight line. Smoking this cigar created a long solid ash that you will be proud to show off.

Taste:A. Fuente Short Story starts off simple and smooth. It is a straight forward cigar that brings enjoyment from the beginning. As your ash begins to form you will find notes of cedar and coffee. This little cigar produces a huge amount of creamy smoke for your pallet.

Hemingway Short Story is a quick transition to the 2/3 of the cigar. The body becomes a bit stronger but this is truly a medium body smoke. I get more of a woody profile at this time in the smoke. There are still hints of cedar and coffee that will linger in the background.

It will start to burn your fingers as you enter the final segments of the Short Story but you wont be disappointed.  A strong leather flavor is how the Hemingway will finish. Spice really becomes prominent with a hint of cinnamon in the smoke and aftertaste. You will be forced to set the little cigar down but a smile will emerge from your face.

Short Story

Verdict Is: I have to go with a “Buy a box!” verdict on these Short Story cigars. They are small, pack a great punch, and I love cigars with nipples. Not to mention they only cost about $5.xx per stick and it’s a quick smoke. I tend to use these cigars when I am running short on time or for an early morning smoke with my coffee (this would work with lunch too). Enjoy the A. Fuente Hemingway Short Story.

Other Cigars: If you want the same kind of flavors and quality from A. Fuente but are looking for something just a little different then check out: Best Seller, Work of Art, Between the Lines, or the Opus Love Story.

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