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601 Habano Oscuro Corona

Submitted by Rob on September 30, 2009 – 10:20 pmNo Comment

Wrapper: Nicaraguan Habano Oscuro
Filler: Nicaragua
Size: Corona (5×42)
Strength: Medium

Construction: 601 Green label Corona is a very dark, oily, and tiny cigar. The wrapper had some minor veins that you really can’t see due to the overall color of the stick. It had the usual “perfect Pepin” construction and was really full of tobacco.

Draw: Perfect. There isn’t a single cigar from the 601 group, or even the EO cigar family, that comes to mind with anything less then the perfect draw. You have to give them credit for the quality control.

Burn: I am always weary of how smaller cigars tend to burn and hold their ash. With this 601 Habano Oscuro Corona you can put your worries to rest. The burn is fairly straight and the small cigar can still hold a nice ash.

Taste: I was expecting this 601 Habano Oscuro Corona to be much like the larger sizes in the line, however this is not the case. From the beginning the cigar had a full body spicy punch (it’s still a Pepin cigar) with a thick smoke that does very well at covering your palate.

However, quickly after the 1/3 or so the spice immediately dies and leaves you with a more woody and perhaps slightly earthy taste. The smoke remains thick from start to finish but this is about all we can give it credit for.

To be fair to the cigar, the lot we were smoking was approximately two years old (just slightly older) and again has really changed the way a younger (or fresh) Corona might appear to the smoker. So we caution anyone with a couple sitting in their humidor to give them a shot before all the flavor, that you find in the larger sizes, dissipates.

Final Verdict: At the local B&M you should find these cigars around the $6 range. Online you can find the 601 Habano Oscuro Corona between $5-5.50. It is a decent cigar that did not really bring too much to the table as far as flavors go. It’s something that you can smoke in a brief period and is worth trying. However, we also suggest you smoke this cigar fairly fresh and do not let them age too long in the humidor. It is worth a try, let us know what you think.


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