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601 Green Label Habano Oscuro

Submitted by Rob on April 6, 2009 – 7:55 amOne Comment

Wrapper: Nicaraguan Habano Oscuro
Filler: Nicaragua
Size: La Fuerza (5.5×54)
Strength: Full

601-green-labelAre you a serious smoker? The kind of cigar aficionado who can conquer the strongest, meanest, cigar on the market without blinking an eye? Or maybe you just enjoy a full bodied cigar with a great blend that you can enjoy after a big full dinner?

Well allow me to introduce you the a cigar by EO cigars, made for their 601 line, blended by the famous Don Pepin Garcia: 601 Green Label Habano Oscuro.

I always allow the marketing gurus at the cigar companies tell their own stories before giving my own opinion. The United Tobacco (EO brands) website has the following information about the Green 601:

It is handmade in Esteli, Nicaragua, exclusively for United Tobacco, by Pepin Garcia. This version of the 601 is an exquisite blend of aged Nicaraguan tobaccos wrapped in exquisite, oily Nicaraguan Habano Oscuro. This green labeled cigar is by far the fullest and strongest of the 601 Serie, if you enjoy a full bodied smoke, this is it. The 601 Green is a full bodied cigar which has been perfectly blended to exude a superb taste, flavour and aroma while maintaining it’s strength.

Construction: 601 Green label is a very dark, oily, and intimidating cigar. The wrapper had some minor veins that you really can’t see due to the overall color of the stick. It had the usual “perfect Pepin” construction and was really full of tobacco.

Draw: Perfect. There isn’t a single cigar from the 601 group, or even the EO cigar family, that comes to mind with anything less then the perfect draw. You have to give them credit for the quality control.

Burn: I always feel like the more you have to pay for a single cigar ($9.00) the more perfect it should burn. The 601 Green was a bit jagged in its burn but never required me to touch it up. The solid ash is peppery in color and each puff produces thick creamy smoke.

Taste: Please fasten your seat belt prior to takeoff – the 601 Green label is a full bodied cigar from first puff. A familiar Don Pepin black pepper seems to be the primary flavor while accompanied by a nice coffee profile. The smoke is thick and creamy and coats your pallet with ease.

At the mid point of the 601 Green label I would say the flavor profiles switched roles. A nice coffee was the primary and a black pepper lingered in the background. There was an introduction of something sweet, something that really had my peaked the interest of my pallet. It’s really unique, and interesting ,to have such a full strong cigar introduce a sweet calm flavor.

Closing this full bodied cigar down in the final third was a perfect mixture of a sweet coffee, pepper, and creamy smoke. When reflecting on the cigar I realized that all flavors are similar but slightly different to make this a complex smoke.

don pepin 601 green label

Final Verdict: The local lounge should have these in the $8.xx-$9.xx range and online around $6.00. 601 Green label is a great deal either way. If you are a full bodied smoker – look no further – 601 is a must have cigar for your humidor. While you are purchasing this 601 Green label you might also want to pick up the other lines of the 601 . They are all great and it’s impossible to say which one is best.

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