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262 Paradigm Torpedo

Submitted by Rob on April 5, 2010 – 3:00 amNo Comment

Wrapper: Brazilian
Filler: Columbia, Nicaragua
Size: Torpedo (6 1/4 x 52)
Strength: Medium

Revolution 262 is a new cigar company that was formed in 2009 but seem to be taking the online cigar world by storm in 2010 with the release of the 262 Paradigm cigars. The company takes their name from the date of the Cuban Embargo (Feburary 1962) and has a “Manifesto” that calls for cigar smokers to “keep the freedoms and rights“.

Cigar information from the 262 website:
Assembled in Honduras, this well-balanced cigar starts off with 3 fillers coming together to create a rich array of tastes. The Seco and Ligero tobaccos from the Esteli and Jalapa valleys in Nicaragua are blended with a Cubito tobacco, a Cuban-seed leaf grown in Columbia. The binder for the filler blend is Honduran with a Brazilian wrapper that pulls everything together to deliver notes of citrus, coffee and a dark chocolate finish.

You can find out more about this new company, buy some cigars or check out the cool swag by visiting their website at http://www.smoketherevolution.com. Additionally you can connect to them socially via Twitter (revolutioncigar).

Construction: The 262 Paradigm Torpedo is a very beautiful stick. There are zero veins, it’s rolled very cleanly, the amount of tobacco is perfect to the touch – wow. Color on the 262 Paradigm Torpedo is the standard Brazilian dark brown and is again perfect (no splotches, streaks, etc).

Draw: With a torpedo cigar you really don’t have any options but to use the good ol’ guillotine or scissors and with that I have to say “Pick your poison“. 262 Paradigm Torpedo requires just a slight tug and generates the right amount of smoke.

Burn: I should admit that I am not quite the stickler when it comes to the burn of a cigar. As long as I don’t have to keep correcting it every 10 minutes I am happy. Needless to say this cigar burned just a little jagged. That’s it – nothing that effected the beautiful white ash or required any extra work during the smoking session.

Flavor: The 262 Paradigm Torpedo is not a very complex cigar. However when you have a great blend in the proper size you do not need it to change at every segment, you can just sit back and enjoy the ride.

During the first 1/3 of my 262 Paradigm Torpedo my palate was only getting a sense of the Brazilian wrapper that was used. I guess this is best described as that “Brazilian sweetness” and that’s just kind of the general flavor many cigars will generate using this wrapper.

However during the middle portion of the smoke I was able to pick up a very dry chocolate and maybe a hint of coffee. You are still going to pick up the “Brazilian sweetness” but it is being complimented very well. Overall the smoke is really smooth and easy to enjoy.

The final third (or so) of the 262 Paradigm Torpedo is perhaps my favorite section of the cigar. The body has slightly increased into the more full range. The wrapper or “Brazilian sweetness” has subdued, the dry chocolate is still in play and there is a very slight (yet enjoyable) bitterness.  Overall the smoke continues to be smooth and fulfilling after a great dinner or stiff drink.

Final Verdict: Paradigm is a brand new company that’s trying to get their foot in the door. So at this current time you just about have to buy the cigars from them directly (As an official B&M supporter we won’t hold that against them). This torpedo has a box price of $160 or about $8 a stick.  I think for the construction, amount of tobacco and the overall smoothness this is something you should pick up to add to your humidor. Especially to all of the Brazilian fans out there – you can’t go wrong.

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