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13th Floor Cigars Churchill

Submitted by Rob on May 19, 2010 – 3:00 am7 Comments

Wrapper: Ecuadorian Sumatra
Filler: Nicaraguan
Size: Churchill (7×50)
Strength: Medium-Full

Allow me to introduce you to what I think will be one of the next hits of the cigar industry: 13th Floor Cigars. This is a new cigar company started by a long time, passionate, cigar smoker named Bryan White.  Early in 2009 Mr. White had set out to create a “unique smoking experience“  knowing cigar smokers currently have a plethora of options. After many meetings and months of talking to various blenders he felt that his vision could be met by having his cigar produced by Willy Herrera of El Titan de Bronze.

After a year of relentless work with blending, re-blending, choosing sizes, artwork and securing distribution 13th Floor Cigars is now ready to enter the cigar world with their very first blend. As usual with most new cigar companies I have included some verbiage from the 13th Floor Cigars website.

From the 13th Floor Cigars Website:
In 2009 the idea and concept for 13th Floor Cigars was born. Driven by an unrelenting passion to create and deliver a unique and satisfying smoking experience to cigar lovers, we sought out the best factory, most experienced rollers, and one of the most talented up and coming Master Blenders in the industry. All of our cigars are hand crafted in the USA on the famed “Calle Ocho” in Little Havana, Miami by “Level 9″ rollers all of whom have worked for world-renowned factories such as Romeo y JulietaR, CoronaR, and PartagasR. Each cigar is made in the traditional Cuban style of tubing the filler (entubado) and then finished off with a beautiful triple cap. Each “tarea” (days work) is then inspected by another Master Roller/Blender, boxed and dated to ensure the cigar is of the highest standard for the aficionado. Due to the high standards placed upon our rollers our cigars are made in small quantities to ensure quality and consistency that only a boutique manufacturer can produce.

Construction: The 13th Floor Cigar is very raw and pure looking. It has a light brown color that is very consistent throughout the roll and has very minimal veins. However, you might find 1-2 medium sized veins that can barley be felt with the fingers – this does not cause any concern. 13th Floor Cigars packs in quite a bit of tobacco ensuring the smokers get their money worth; so have confidence that you will not find any soft-spots (or any other imperfections).

Draw: Anytime there is a boutique cigar that likes to brag about limited production, USA (Miami) made, level 9 rollers I like to hold them to a higher standard in the construction and draw categories. 13th Floor Cigars not only meets the standards but exceeds them on all levels. You will have the option to cut, v-cut, punch or bite this Churchill and it will draw with perfection. Each draw will have a slight resistance making sure that you never burn too fast or too hot.

Burn: When you have great construction and draw qualities it’s almost always a given that the burn should be (not always the case) good. So I hope it comes as no surprise that I say the burn on the 13th Floor Cigar is pretty damn good. My 13th Floor Cigars in the Churchill size have always burned slightly jagged but never require any touch-ups. The ash is a bright white and seems like it will never fall off unless you give it a good knock.

Flavor: The 13th Floor Cigars Churchill has a very consistent grouping of flavors that you will enjoy as you smoke this cigar.

Upon first light you will be introduced to a combination of cedar, spice and straight forward tobacco that will defiantly please the palate.  The cedar and spice are very light and intriguing and perfectly compliment the creamy smoke you will get on both the draw and the exhale. It’s just enough of everything that you won’t want to set this stogie down.At this point in the long Churchill I would say the cigar sits in the medium body range.

At the middle you will see a larger introduction of the spice that seems to hit the front of the palate. You still get some hints of cedar that swirl around the smoke with a mixture of chewy leather. You will pick up some hints of what I can best describe as floral – it’s a very unique flavor combination. The smoke is still extremely creamy and delightful on both the draw and the exhale. The body has slightly increased but still remains in the middle of the road (medium).

Finishing this 13th Floor Cigar has got to be my favorite portion of the smoke. This is due to the body slightly increasing to the more fuller range while all the flavors seems to stay consistent and dance around my palate. The smoke from the draw and exhale is still very, very creamy, and it’d been a pure joy from start to finish.

I would like to put a little disclaimer in this flavor section of the 13th Floor Cigar review. While I have described what seems to be a consistent grouping of flavors do not take this as one dimensional and boring. It is actually the complete opposite.  The Churchill is very complex and it is hard to pinpoint what will be thrown at your palate. Just know that once you finish the smoke you will reach for another.

Final Verdict: 13th Floor Cigars retail in the $8 range and will only be available for purchase through a B&M establishment.  I have to urge everyone to pick up a box or two before these creamy, spicy, delightful sticks go on backorder (because they will sell fast). The cigar lingers in the medium body range so it will be delightful for the new smoker yet complex enough for the most seasoned of palates. Plus I am always a fan of supporting new brands that take the time and effort to create a cigar correctly and back the local B&M smoking community/industry.

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