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Worst Cigars of 2009

Submitted by Rob on December 28, 2009 – 1:15 am25 Comments

As the year comes to an end it is time for us at puffingcigars.com to list our Worst Cigars of 2009. This list is composed of cigars we have actually had the unfortunate luck of smoking during the year. Hopefully this list will save you from parting with your hard earned cash, a bad night of smoking or at the very least allow you to laugh at our misfortune. Please keep in mind palates are very subjective so please share your experiences with us or even add additional cigars that should be on the list.

* Also know these cigars are not ranked in any way whatsoever.

Barrington House Premium Jamaican Cigars – We don’t have to get specific with which cigar they produce sucks, they all do. Barrington House managed to make their Jamaican Cigars taste like the salty sweat of the Jamican roller making the stick. As a matter of fact, we used these cigars to hold a little contest at one of our local retailers. We would offer to purchase any cigar the patron wanted if he could just finish one of the Jamaican sticks. To this day not a single person has been able to complete the task (and many have tried). Want more information on them? Check out their website.

Te-Amo Shorty Nub – Did creativity just die in the cigar industry? Was anyone fired from the company for saying “Hey, lets just copy a great cigar and use our horrible blends, no one will ever know and we can sell cigars too!” I don’t even want to get specifics with how this cigar tasted. We can only remember washing our mouths out with soap after giving it a try. So Te-Amo, please know you can always contact us (a link is on the top navigation bar) and we will be more than happy to give you some free consulting.

Stimulus Cigars – We first heard of these cigars after they littered print advertising all over our cars at a local Coyotes hockey game. Their goal, according to the website, is to “sparking spirited conversation” about the US wasting money. Okay -well at least it’s a creative attempt at doing something original. But after tasting the cigars, don’t you think it would make people even more upset for wasting their hard earned money on your tobacco? Check out their website.

General Briso – General tried to jump into the bundle market by releasing the Brioso cigar. As if your cigars, generally speaking, aren’t cheap enough and lacking complexity you tried to 1-up it? You might have have done better in 2009 releasing a cigar that… had complexity? Again, we will not go into the flavors but try one yourself, I promise it will be the last.

Arganese S-This – Did you think we could have a worst cigars of the year list and not bring Arganese Cigars into the mix? Mr. Agranese thought it would be a great idea to laugh at the SCHIP tax. It was a way to pay tax on 5 cigars instead of 10 by combining them and the head. Why would anyone want to even smoke 5 of your cigars? Thank you again Mr. Arganese for bringing negative attention to the cigar industry. We knew we would count on you!

And there you have it, this is our top list for the Worst Cigars of 2009. We have kept the list short in hopes that our readers will contribute other bad cigars we may have left off.

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  • DJ says:

    I am not up on the latest & greatest — or lastest and grossest, in this case. My worst cigar this year?

    Well… I am a fan of Drew Estates — LOVE the Kuba, LOVE anything with coffee… Then I had a “Nasty,” and MAN was it… Nasty! Couldna finish it. Perfumy in a BAD way, horrible taste, just… Nasty. At least they believe in truth in advertising.

  • Keith1911 says:

    To me the worst cigar that I smoked of 2009 was the AVO Companero. A $25 cigar that didn’t burn that great, no special flavors, and the same all the way through.

    • I emphatically disagree with you on this one. Sure, opinions are subjective and everyone has the right to make their own opinion on a cigar; but there must have been something wrong once the cigar left the factory. Anything from Avo (Davidoff) is worthy of a bow in my opinion …

      • Keith1911 says:

        You are correct everyone is entitled to their own opinions. I have never been wowed by anything Davidoff or Avo. I have talked a couple other people and they haven’t been overly impressed by this cigar either. To me this was the worst of cigar of the year not because it was necessarily a bad cigar, just a cigar not worth $10 let alone the $25 it costs here in CA.

        • Yow! The email I got on this post was amazing – from both sides of the fence. That’s one of the great things about being a brother of the leaf – we have common ground but we can agree to disagree.

          Some were quick to defend your position regarding the Avo, others agreed with me that the Avo/Davidoff line is the creme de la creme, and that, hey – it’s your opinion, but it’s all good.

          Best wishes in the new decade!

  • CigarsThomas says:

    I don’t do nasty cigars, I just throw out immediatly. No need to ruin my day. Yesterday I had a Kristoff Ligero and shti ti was so nasty even my wife didn’t enjoy the smell of it………..weird huh? Maybe the cigar was one off so I’ll give Kristoff another shot but YUCK!

  • mcangeli says:

    I got a box of Cohiba Dominican Mini’s for Christmas that I tried the other night…. I don’t know if its because it came from a “tobacco” shop with out an actual humidor or what…. but I’ll find someone else to pass them off on….

  • Lee says:

    Cain Maduro. A cigar made of “straight ligero” should have some strength and this had none (flavor would be nice also).

  • BradinBuffalo says:

    It wasn’t the worst, but it didn’t live up to my expectaitions…casa magna=FAIL

  • Danger350 says:

    Worst cigar I’ve had all year long was the Montecristo Media Noche. May have just been a bad batch, as others seem to really enjoy these. The ones I had seemed way too “young” – not enough aging time…terrible bitter taste. A lot of money for a non-consistent stick.

  • Pat says:

    Worst would have to be the Casa Magna oscuro. I’ve never heard of any of them except for arganese and te-amo, but what do you expect from Mexico?

    • joe says:

      You didn’t like the oscuro? I thought it was awesome. Way better than the original

    • MikeinOlney says:

      Reaaly? Casa Magna Oscuro was one of the BEST cigars I’ve smoked this year. Maybe you got a bad one. I’d smoke another and see. I find them much better than the original colorado wrapper.

  • David R. says:

    Okay, I don’t exactly know what *brand* it was, but the worst ‘gar this year was at an outdoor bar, a guy was talking them up, handing them out, firing away… Tasted like rehashed ash. I do not think they had *ever* seen a humidor. I felt bad, but he seemed so happy, so proud. I tried not to gag.

    To be a good sport, a few weeks later I casually dropped by with a random Tat, mentioned it was something I had “picked up somewhere,” told him to give it a try later… Since I haven’t heard back, I fear it’s living in his sock drawer, but, what can you do?

  • grant says:

    It saddens me that Macanudo 1968 didn’t make the list. I believe all should be protected from this cigar.

    • Rob says:

      Well Grant, this was a pretty bad cigar. But reading other online reviews it looks like someone, somewhere, somehow – liked it. Maybe they can come out with something else even more worthless next year?

  • D Jones says:

    Your picks for worst cigars are humorous and absolutely to be avoided. For myself, probably the most disappointing cigar I had was LFD’s El Museo. I was fortunate to only pay half the $32 asking price for this cigar, but it was not worth a quarter of that in my opinion. Maybe some people liked it, but I can’t imagine that anyone would willingly pay over $30 a stick for it…which is why my local B&M still has almost a whole box…practically untouched…in the humidor.

    Also, I agree for the most part with Keith above: while Davidoff (and, by extension, Avo) makes some really good cigars, they just are not worth the price. The Millennium Blend is truly great, but should not be $15 to 25 a stick. The 787 is remarkably good and I would even consider buying one every now and then, but the Avo Signature is just mediocre for a “super-premium” stick.

    And the couple comments on the Casa Magna are unfortunately right on. I’ve had one or two excellent CMs and three or four awful ones. They seem to have a serious consistency problem.

  • Mac Hall says:

    Thanks for the referral for the stimulus cigars. I ordered a box for the inlaws for Christmas and they loved it. They let me smoke one. It was mild and average. Maybe it was your political leanings that affected your taste, hmmmm?

  • dj says:

    Hey! Look! Another DJ-kinda guy! Howdy D!

    BTW: “Is this thing on?” I mean, is this thread still live?

  • mariathomas says:

    The listing is indeed very helpful. one can buy cigars with more care now! My dad had tried one of these and he was simply disgusted! I am sure that other smokers have similar experiences too.

  • WeJeJe says:

    I think even doing this will not help to change all smokers mind to quit it.

  • Pat Kennedy says:

    Someone gave me a Barrington when my boy was born. Horrible. Those Stimulus Cigars are effen hilarious. Had one at Churchills in Phoenix with my attorney and we just smoked and laughed.

  • dj says:

    So…. who won?

  • Sticks says:

    The Gurka S.E.Black Puro makes that list for me and also the Casa Magna because it was so hyped and so dull and flavorless.

  • Cal says:

    Devil’s Weed. Found it in a local cigar store and decided to give it a try. For $4 what could go wrong? It was absolutely the worst excuse for a cigar. After lighting it, it immediately started to canoe. Despite repested attempts to correct it, that is how it wanted to burn. It also started to unravel halfway through it. The taste was something similar to stale cigarettes. Flat and disgusting. Threw it out a little after the halfway point and brushed my teeth. Buy them and give them to people you hate.