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Whats Knot To Love

Submitted by Rob on March 27, 2009 – 7:48 pmOne Comment

Whats Knot to LoveHi, let me have a Cuvee and a small meth please.

Denver resident and local business man Matthew Rosen was arrested for allegedly selling narcotics out of his cigar lounge. Mr. Rosen appeared in court Thursday, March 26th facing fifteen felony charges for drugs seized in his establishment, What’s Knot to Love.

Police began conducting their investigation after numeros tips came claiming Matthew Rosen was offering meth and weed with his cigars. It’s alleged the basement was used to hold after-hour parties that ran all night . This was also the location where the majority of the drugs were used.

Authorities raided the residence to discover meth, marijuana plants, and $10,000 dollars stashed in a suitcase.

This is not the first run in with the law for Mr. Rosen. Criminal records indicate that was a brief stint in Federal prison during the 90′s for a drug distribution conviction. In 2007 he was given probation for resisting arrest and brandishing a weapon.

Recently, the Colorado Department of Revenue had seized What’s Knot to Love and its inventory for failure to pay thousands in back taxes. Prior to a public auction Matthew Rosen was able to settle his debut.

What’s Knot to Love’s motto is “Cigars with personality.” and these  - well these certainly have some personality.

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One Comment »

  • Bill says:

    Couldnt have happened to a nicer guy ! I worked for this guy for about 6 weeks of which he only paid me for 1 .owes me well over $1000…He was always stoned and out of it ….And actually he spent a year in prison for selling cuban cigars out of his shop too …Good news bubba …your bitch is on his way back to prison and he should be there a good long time!!