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Two-In-One: Cigar-Flavored Beer

Submitted by Alex on September 1, 2011 – 6:57 amNo Comment

Though I personally prefer scotch and cigars, the combination of beer and cigars is also not a bad one. And I’ve got some good news for those of you who like to puff on cigars while drinking beer – Cigar City Brewing started producing beer using Spanish cedar, citrus-cedar, Cuban espresso and guava to recreate the atmosphere of Tampa, Florida known for its cigars.

The owner of the brewery crafting this beer is a native of Tampa. But while many brewery owners name beer after the region where they are from, Cigar City Brewing owner Joey Redner took this tradition to a whole other level, trying to reproduce the atmosphere of his hometown with the flavor and taste of beer. The brewer compares the flavor of the beer with the smell that comes from a cigar shop when you walk past it.

Joey Redner got into brewery after a trip to Oregon, Portland where locally brewed beer is one of the pillars of life. And having failed to find craft beer in Florida, Redner decided to start making craft beer himself.

And the beer has won favor not only with Tampa residents, providing a much needed boost to the once-mocked beer industry in Florida. I can understand the popularity of the beer – no real man in his sane mind would be able to resist two things essential for every man provided in one package.

So if you are looking for craft beer that would be nice to drink while puffing on your favorite cigar, look no more. And in the meantime, I will enjoy a good cigar with nice cold scotch.

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