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TV Ads from Tobacco Industry Against Smoking don’t Work

Submitted by Oliver on April 27, 2012 – 6:56 amOne Comment

But the study showed that advertisings from other sources had more positive effect.

They say the anti-tobacco campaigns reduce adult smoking but some ads work better than the others.

The researchers have conducted a survey among adult smokers and their exposure to anti-tobacco TV
between 1999 and 2007. The ads were organized by various departments – from states to private foundations and drug companies.

According to the study lead author Sherry Emery, who is a senior scientist at the Institute for Health Research and Policy of the University of Illinois at Chicago, the smoking rates were lower and more smokers intended to quit smoking where there was higher exposure to the state-sponsored anti-tobacco ads.

As per the survey, the more the smokers were exposed to state-sponsored, private-foundation and drug-company ads, the less they smoked. And vice-versa, the more these people watched tobacco-industry publicities, the more they smoked.

Paraphrasing Ms. Emery, the tobacco-industry ads were associated with more smoking, though they didn’t seem to contain any promotion of the act of smoking.

The researching team was astonished at the fact that smokers in areas with more ads for smoke-banning products were less likely to give up smoking.

As per Emery’s words, the results of their survey proved that no matter what “you say to people, doesn’t matter until you don’t say a lot.”

The survey was published in the April issue of American Journal of Public Health.

But in my point of view, it doesn’t matter how much you smoke, the key is what you smoke :)

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