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Super Bowl Smoking

Submitted by Rob on February 2, 2009 – 12:28 amNo Comment

Super Bowl SmokingSuper Bowl Sunday is that once a year pass for a super perfect party. Friends, relatives, neighbors, and people we don’t really know all get together a huddle around that glowing square box.

More food is passed around than anyone in their right mind can humanly eat. It’s one of the few days a year diets go out the window. Deep fried turkeys, cheese dips, cookies, chicken wings…. the list can continue until our belts move out more more notch.

But what happens after the eating? During the half time show? Or during the whole game?

We are smoking cigars. People who don’t normally smoke will even dip into the world of perfectly rolled tobacco.

As the usual supplier of cigars for the majority of the party, I have to ask this question:

How do you treat your amateur cigar smokers?

Do you bring a supply of high quality smokes for everyone?

Do you bring a mixture of high and “so-so” sticks to spread around?

Or do you bring a high quality cigar for yourself and mainly humidor maintainers for the newbies?

In hopes of bringing the newbies to the regular cigar smoking circle I tend to bring mostly light-medium body cigars that are mid range in quality. A majority of the “high quality” sticks these days are more full body and I would hate to scare them away.

If the sticks don’t taste good AT ALL (the humidor maintainers) they just look at you in a daze wondering why you even smoke cigars.

A little trick I pull out of my bag is also bringing some smaller sized flavored cigars that the wife or extremly hesitant person can enjoy smoking or smelling.

That is my bait in my goal to introduce more people to my hobby that I love so much.

What does everyone else out there do?

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