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Room 101 Cigars

Submitted by Rob on July 29, 2009 – 2:00 am12 Comments

Room 101 CigarsMatt Booth started Room101 in 2003 as a luxury lifestyle brand. His company, based out of Hollywood, CA creates unique jewelry and luxury items for all facets of life.

Camacho cigars has decided to team up with Room101 to form Room101 Cigars. The cigar collection will be a blend of “attitude, culture, celebrity, and some of the world’s finest tobaccos.

Per the Camacho press release, this “special” cigar will be a medium bodied stogie containing Honduras and Dominican Republic tobacco. Six sizes will be released, and trying to be trendy, will represent area codes.

The Room 101 cigar brand is slated to be unveiled at the 2009 IPCPR trade show in New Orleans.

Following the launch of the cigar, Matt Booth and the Room101 Cigar team will embark on a 90 day “Room 101/Camacho Conspiracy Tour” making stops at 45 retailers across the country. Room101 Cigars will also support the Wounded Warrior Project charity and urge people to donate to their cause. will pay particular interest on how a jewelry designer based out of California will contribute to the cigar making process. Will Matt Both make the band sparkle with more bling? Will it come in a bedazzled cellophane wrapper? Perhaps he will simply increase the price of the cigar x10 by adding his “luxury” name!

These questions will soon be answered.

You may read the official press release here.

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  • Dylan Austin says:

    Trying to be trendy, LOL!

  • The Critic says:

    Good, First Oliva with NUB then CAO with all their crazy promos and what not. Now Camacho with Room 101. Pretty soon the industry is going to have to focus on their cigars, and not just trying to sell them to the hipster generation.

  • The Anti-Critic says:

    If you read any deeper on the Room101 brand you might understand that 101 is not for the hipster generation. You might want to take a look at and see what it’s all about before you drink your haterade in the morning.

  • The Critic says:

    Checked out the website Anti Me. Ok, Gaudy silver and gold jewelry. What the hell does that have to do with cigars? I don’t know how Christian and this Room 101 guy met (maybe friends?) but it seems like an odd pairing. Camacho ads used to be about cigars, now it’s about the lifestyle. i.e. (Christian in his titanic moment on a yacht looking sexy.) This pairing just seems like a attempt to gain some of the younger market that a few companies have already taken. CAO, Drew Estate, NUB etc………

  • The Anti-Critic says:

    To each his own, but it sounds to be you have a secret crush on Christian. If you don’t like the image of the brand, then don’t smoke the cigar. Seems pretty simple to me.

  • The Critic says:

    I think I am most upset that Camacho never sent me my black label cigars.

  • The Anti-Critic says:

    I got mine, I guess it just sucks to be you!

  • The Critic says:

    It’s great being me! Oh and I was not upset that I didn’t get the cigars, I was just upset that Camacho did not follow through. Legend-arios are a bummer of a cigar.

  • Alex says:

    I tried them in Sturgis at their vendor display. They are good cigars and Matt is a really cool guy. He gave away some merch alonside the sale of his cigars. Cool company!

  • TONY says:


  • cigar affectionado says:

    Being 54 years old and smoking cigars for over 25 years I have noticed a disturbing trend of some cigar mfgrs. getting ready to “pass the baton” to their offspring, that the emphasis is being misplaced on things other than what I look for in a fine quality cigar. The first thing out of the mouths of Camacho when describing the Room 101 is “lifestyle” etc. Cigars themselves are a lifestyle. I have smoked several of these good cigars and while they are good they are not worth $180 a box. Symbolism over substance is not the way to go.

  • Cpfrombv says:

    I can understand that some of the people are not comfortable with the way some cigar companies are going. I too have seen the “kid rock” look vs the “Guayabera traditional” guys at the IPCPR. I have to say that I was against it but, it does get the younger smokers in the shops. After awhile they get more of a sense of smoke about them and they more on from the Acid cigars to Fuente and Padrons. As for Camacho they make Baccarat which is a sweet cap cigar. So its not too out the way that they would do this one. Camacho going worldwide with Davidoff will be more of a challenge than anything.
    As for Room 101, I have smoked two of them and think that they are a pretty good cigar.