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Partagas Cigar Factory

Submitted by Rob on April 8, 2009 – 11:15 amOne Comment

Partagas FactoryPartagas is a 164 year old Cuban company that represents one of the most revered and highest-selling brands of cigars in the world.

Habanos S.A., the owner/operator of Partagas, has indicated that the economic downturn, rising taxes, and complete smoking bans have caused a major fall in overall sales.

Alice Jones of the Independent has reported:

For the last three weeks the schoolroom on the first floor of the elegant 19th-century Partagas cigar factory in central Havana has lain empty. Chairs are piled up on top of the rows of wooden desks where up to 300 trainee torcedores (rollers) are normally taught the intricate art of cigar-making.

The factory is no longer recruiting and has further sacked 15 percent of its staff, thanks to a spectacular fall in demand. Those remaining are no longer allowed to produce over their quotas to earn a little extra. Once they have reached their target – for the highest rollers, up to 120 deftly hand-made cigars a day – they are sent home.

A company and their brand that has survived through a country revolution will be able to survive through this current economic slump – hopefully.

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