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National Tobacco Lawyers File Suit Against D.C.

Submitted by Alex on July 14, 2011 – 7:06 amNo Comment

National Tobacco has filed a lawsuit against D.C. following their ban on the sale of cigar wrappers that was imposed to ensure that kids have a harder time rolling blunts and getting high. The Kentucky-based company’s lawyers say that this law stating that cigar wrappers are used only for illegal substance use is unconstitutional and vague, and I am completely on their side in this matter.

Of course, you can use cigar wrappers to smoke pot, but am I crazy for thinking that cigar wrappers exist for rolling cigars and smoking tobacco? National Tobacco is a reputable manufacturer of tobacco products and would hardly risk its reputation by promoting illegal use of its rolling paper.

Following this decision, a few states decided to ban cigar wrappers as well. As far as I see it, the logic of legislators is totally distorted. Drug use is already a crime, so imposing bans on products that could be used to abuse drugs seems over the top.

Going further along this controversial logic, the next step would be to ban paper currency or soda straws that are used to snort cocaine or other drugs, as well as prohibit syringes, vials, scales, blades and pipes.

But I am straying from the subject. I hope that National Tobacco’s lawyers win this suit, and not only because the company suffered some damages due to the ban, as well as dozens of other companies (and hundreds in the future, if this trend continues), but because we cigar smokers are on unsure ground already and need to overturn this troubling anti-tobacco legislation trend.

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