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Monday Morning Update

Submitted by Rob on September 14, 2009 – 5:17 amNo Comment

cigar-newsWelcome to Monday morning! I know, that comment was made with just a bit of sarcasm as the enjoyable weekend is now over and everyone must make their way back to the daily grind. Hopefully everyone was able to find some time with friends and family to smoke some great cigars. As we all know the weather is getting cooler making it perfect for that patio cigar.

There hasn’t been anything too exciting or newsworthy going on in the cigar industry as of late, but allow me to share this with you:

Kretek International Inc., the importer of Djarum Cloves, is getting around the FDA ban on their product by now importing “clove cigars“.  Generally speaking, the major difference between cloves and cigars is the wrapper being used. Cloves use a thin paper and cigars use a natural tobacco leaf. This might be problematic for the cigar industry, especially flavored cigar companies like Drew Estate, as it might force the FDA/Government to regulate and/or treat us like regular cigarette tobacco companies.

Washington, D.C. has a bill on the table that will ban all sales of single cigars. The ban was intended to be an update to the Drug Paraphernalia Act of 1982 to prevent the “blunting” of cigars. Only defined as “individual cigar, cigar leaf wrapper, flavored or non-flavored cigar that is referred to as a blunt, blunt wrap, or any other tobacco product that may be used in the ingesting, inhaling, or introduction of marijuana to the human body” leaves no legal definition or separation between “blunt” cigars and premium cigars. Anti-smoking and anti-tobacco groups could use this lack of definition to shut down cigar lounges  throughout the D.C. area. Smoking a 1964 Padron and a Swisher Sweet is all the same, right?

The Cigar Rights of America has put together an interesting cigar sampler for all members. This 10 cigar unique sampler (Ashton Virgin Sun Grown, Liga Privada No. 9, Litto Gomez Diez, Punch, Padrón 1964 Anniversary Series, Casa Fernandez, Avo, C.A.O. LX2, Rocky Patel Decade, and Tatuaje Black Label) will cost members $60 to have it shipped to their local retailer. Upon arrival you must then pay the local tobacco shop $30 making the overall cost only $90. The only issue that has arisen so far is that most members do not trust or have the kind of relationship with their local shop to have such a unique sampler delivered. To all of you who fall in this category please send an e-mail and we can put you in contact with a shop that you can trust.

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