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Man Caught Smuggling Cuban Cigars

Submitted by Rob on June 2, 2008 – 3:47 pmOne Comment

Cuban Cigars for Everyone!Douglas Hiner, 68, has appeared in a federal court charged with importing illegal Cuban merchandise and, to make sure they stick it for all its worth, charged with the conspiracy to import Cuban merchandise.

Apparently the courageous man was attempting to import approximately 364 boxes of Cuban cigars, 45 bottles of Cuban rum, Cuban coffee, and Cuban cigarettes. Not being his first trip; Mr. Hiner had already acquired 27,000 Cuban cigars and 42 bottles of Cuban rum in a near by storage.

Free on $50,000 bond and having not pleaded guilty: Do you think he is sitting somewhere smoking a nice stogie, sipping some rum, waiting for a court date? I know I would be (everyone has more than one secrete stash).


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