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Iraqi Cigar Case

Submitted by Rob on June 27, 2008 – 3:48 pmNo Comment

Cigars are no strangers to causing controversy, yet this is the first time that I can remember a cigar case has caused such a media storm. London Mayor Boris Johnson is about to be brought to justice for war crimes committed in Iraq.

Mayor Johnson had traveled to Baghdad in 2003 as a journalist. While there he came across the destroyed residence of known cigar lover, and Iraqi Official, Tariq Aziz. Walking through the ruins of the villa the then journalist noticed a cigar case lying on the floor. After giving it value, imagining how it could have been in the pocket of Aziz during many meetings and held closer to his heart (in his breast pocket) then Saddam Hussein.

” This cigar case had silently attended the innermost meetings of the Ba’ath Revolutionary Council. If ever Saddam had given away the secret location of his weapons of mass destruction, the chances are that this cigar case was in the room. “

Boris Johnson’s account, and his own admittance of taking the case, can be found here in the original article.

A police inquiry was started; some say fueled by political opponents, to see if this was against United Nations rules of taking an item of cultural significance.

The case was eventually returned to police to help quickly end the nonsense.

Mayor Johnson had a thing or two to say about the whole experience:

“… the worst of it is that no one has so far been arrested. Despite all the manifold acts of deception and incompetence, there is not a single politician, on either side of the Atlantic, who has been put on trial or even had his collar felt. Until now. “

Read the follow up story of Boris Johnson by Boris Johnson himself.

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