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Illusione Naked Cigars

Submitted by Rob on February 10, 2010 – 12:00 am7 Comments

It appears that there might be some limited edition “naked” MJ12 cigars hitting retailers in the upcoming shipments. Dion Giolito, the owner of Illuisione Cigars, has confirmed that some of the boxes will arrive to retailers without the infamous foil sleeve. It’s unclear how many of these “naked” cigars will be released into the public but Illusione collectors should be prepared to purchase the box immediately as they are expected to go fast.

In Willy Wonka fashion there will be no way to tell if the box of cigars is “naked” or filled with the regular blimp looking cigars unless it is fully opened. Be aware of fakes that might be rolling onto the market as many retailers might simply remove the foil casing in hopes of representing this prized limited edition release. You can verify the true “naked” cigars by making sure they are still cleanly wrapped in the butcher style paper the bundles are secured in.

Cigar aficionados should immediately be aware that this could DRAMATICALLY change the flavor profile of the beloved MJ12. Time will only tell if the MJ12 absorbs the wood flavor from the box or how it can now marry more properly with other cigars in your humidor. Will this cigar fall under the current ratings achieved by the “standard” MJ12 or should it receive its own?

Followers of the Illusione brand are also aware that the names and packaging all have meanings ( for more information on that). What does the “naked” cigar represent in the story of the lineup? Is this possible a symbol that represents that all good stories have alternatives? Or perhaps its Dion’s way of telling people to keep their eyes open for something greater to come in the line of Illusione? Or maybe this is a second part to the mysterious MJ12 saga?

Or maybe this is just a story of the manufacturer running out of the foil when producing the MJ12 cigar. And instead of Mr. Giolito holding up production/shipping for two additional weeks he gave it the go-ahead nod. After all, once you purchase the cigar you have to remove the foil to smoke it anyways.

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  • Ron Hollatz says:

    Dion has said multiple times on Twitter that the factory ran out of foil and instead of delaying shipment waiting for the foil he told them to ship them without the foil. There is no difference in the cigars.

  • Cliff says:

    Im pretty sure he knows Ron, Just s spiff story….

  • Ron Hollatz says:

    I figured he does, but making people think the cigars without the foil wrapping are in some way different is just bad blogging.

  • dj says:

    Not to mention: who doesn’t like the word “naked?”

  • grant says:

    Good thing we are syndicated and not just a blog…I would hate to be a bad blogger.

  • Ron Hollatz says:

    I was a little harsh with the bad blogging comment. Dion has commented several times that they just ran out of foil and he wanted the cigars to go to market sooner than waiting for the foil to come in. Making it sound like they may be a special edition or valuable to collectors I feel is overstating the results of shipping them without the foil. Even Dion agreed on twitter. A better approach to the article would have been to get a comment from Dion about the batch. I buy a lot of Illusione cigars and would see it more of a novelty than a collectible.

    • Boss Blog says:

      I am a little late to the party here, and 1/2 ashamed that I am continuing this string. The only thing I can say is, seriously? Lighten up, I thought this article was harmless, not to mention in good/fun humor – regardless if someone knows the backstory or not. This isn’t Wolf Blitzer reporting on scene…

      The “Even Dion agreed on Twitter” comment pushed me spend 30 seconds to reply here.