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Illusione Names Deciphered

Submitted by Rob on November 2, 2008 – 6:36 am2 Comments

Illusione cigars should be familiar to anyone, and everyone, who… well… smokes cigars. is currently preparing to to post a review on just about every cigar in the line. Allow me to start this Illusione week with the story of the names.

The names of the Illusione cigars is something that is not-so-familiar. I have gotten multiple requests to get this information posted – so here it is. I would suggest going to the PDF file (in the link I provide below) and read the story of how Dion Giolito got started.

Additionally the Illusione website has an official statement regarding the names from the owner Dion Giolito. You can click here to download the PDF file.

~68~ – Bombone
This was the year I was born hence, the smallest cigar in my line. It was also an homage to Paul Garmirian – BIG influence in my career as a Tobacconist along with Zino Davidoff. 68 is also a “happy” number.

~88~ – Robust
No secret here. It harkens back to 1988 when I made that fateful decision to leave Oklahoma to come to Reno for College. “Robust” was just something different than Robusto. It speaks more for the body of the cigar than the nature of its size.

~F9~ – Finesse
F stands for “finesse” which I wanted this cigar’s taste profile to be. I told Romai and Arsenio at the Factory that if can perfect the blend for this vitola, it will rule the world. They laughed. 9 also stands for the 9th planet Pluto, well not really a planet since it was demoted to orbiting rock a few years ago by some brainiac in the Astronomy field. What does he know!?

~4/2g~ – Church
This was the cigar that got me thinking about brand identity and packaging. “4” stood for 2004, the year I opened my own store, “2g” referred to the style of cigar I wanted it to be. I always liked how RAG’s had “2 gears” in the smoking journey, mild/medium in the first 2/3’s of the cigar then – BAM rich, full and spicy in the last 1/3. Even though it isn’t a Churchill per-se, more a double corona, I decided to put “Church” on the side of the box. It mostly reminded that I am a bad Catholic and that I need to get my ass to Church more often.

~888~ – Necessary and Sufficient
Here’s where I delve into my faith a bit more. The name Jesus (IhsouV) adds up to 888 in Hebrew numerology called Gematria.. Each letter is assigned the corresponding number. “Necessary and Sufficient” both describes the balance and profile of this cigar. It also represents to not go wanting, He is all I need, He is necessary and sufficient.

~M7~ – Magdala
Woman from Magdal. This may appeal to you Holy Blood, Holy Grail/Davinci Code Types out there. The M7 is a Salomone – shapely and perfect – woman. She is also Pregnant.

Cg:4 – The White Horse
I wanted to associate it with the wine country – French wine country. I called Pete when he just happened to be in Miami celebrating Pepins’ birthday. He handed me off to Pepin and I wished him happy birthday. When Pete got back on the phone, I asked him what the cliché should be on the side of my box. I told him it was Cg:4 Corona Gorda….. He said Cheval Blanc “The white Horse” PERFECT I thought – Corona Gorda, the 4 horsemen of the Apocalypse, The White horse which is the Conquer, the false prophet – Revelation 6:2.

~2~ – And Crowned of Thorns
No explanation here is really needed. 2 is the son of God doing battle against evil, the enlightened one, the soul-saver, all forgiving.

~1~ – The Dark Prince
Again, no explanation needed. Administered Original sin. Also took lead from The Cuban “Black Prince” Punch as well.

~2/3~ – Tre in Uno
My Culebra. Here’s the goof. Originally the cliché was to be 3/1. After a long night in front of the computer hacking out the box design, I put 2/3 instead. It kinda worked out okay with me because 23 is always a number I bet on along with 9. 23 is the The “23 Enigma,” the Discordian belief that all events are connected to the number 23.

~MK ~ – The Teaching Machine
As with my 88, I sampled a few to you in the forums for review when I was re-working on the blend in ’06. I did the same with the mk. There were two versions, the ~MK~ and the MKULTRA. MKULTRA was much stronger than I wanted it to be. I called Paul Palmer which in turn relayed my information to the factory to correct the issue. They have a gold band along with the ~hl~ because they’re more of an artisan blend better represented in those particular sizes. They’re 20% different than regular illusione black and white bands. As some of you know, I let out my stock of MKULTRAS because I just wasn’t pleased with the blend. You guys ate them up! Thanks. Project MKULTRA was a government experiment in creating “zombie soldiers” if you will, through experimentation with LSD and subconscious suggestion when under the influence. MKULTRA was also referred to as the “teaching machine.” The classic corona size is the teaching machine vitola. It is the perfect vehicle for delivery of flavor, if the blend is right.

~hl~ – The Holy Lance
My Lancero , the lance. Get it? Constantine was the first Christian Emperor to lead Rome. It was fabled that he had possession of the very spear that punctured the side of Jesus while on the cross. He was said to carry this relic into battle and, it was said that it helped him win his many battles. It is an artisan blend and, the mildest of all my cigars.

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  • 0db says:

    Dion is a colorful character. The cg:4 is probably my favorite cigar next to the Cusano C10 Coronas. I sent him a review of the first cigar he released (honestly, i forget which it was), and he bombed me with a sampler of each stick without warning! That is when I met the cg:4, the most delectable cigar I’ve ever known. I really respect Dion and the Illusione line…. the cg:4 were IMPOSSIBLE to get for a few months when the cat was let out of the bag! (which i’m afraid was partly my fault by parroting their virtues early and often).

    Go Dion!

  • Don Fernando says:

    the ~mj12~ is named after the Majestic 12, a secret committee of scientists, military leaders, and government officials that investigated UFO’s