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Friday Funday

Submitted by Rob on June 5, 2009 – 1:15 pmNo Comment

Cigar RantLooks like the weekend, and June, have finally arrived and everyone must be ready for that cigar smoking time.

A rumor appeared on Twitter the other that Arganese Cigars had gone out of business. It was later confirmed that this was not true. What was most interesting is that all replies to the news were… well as if it was only expected.

The reactions leave me to wonder how one can produce cigars, or make/represent, any product that the public only expected to fail. Why would they continue to use the same wrapper, blend the same stick, or even keep the same marketing?

Sure – Arganese brought on some Soprano actor to help give it a boost but what if they had spent that amount of money on… taste testing? Or recreating the blends in the cigars?

I bet you the people of Arganese don’t even smoke their own cigars.

- End of Rant -

Cigar News:
Ashton cigars is doing some updates to their cigar sizes. The San Cristobal has introduced a “fat” cigar, according to Cigar Aficionado, called the Papagayo. Increasing the size means Ashton must pack less cigars in the box, 21 to be exact. The Minuto was the new miniature cigar released last month.

Benchmade also fattens up with a cigar called the Gordo.

Alec Bradley will be releasing the Alec Bradley Special Cabinet Reserve. The new Alex Bradley cigar uses similar Honduran and Nicaraguan filler but is lighter, smoother, and more consistent.

Other Blogs/Sites/Links:
Cigar Command has been doing lots of updates to his site, the most recent is the permalink structure. Check out his review (and clean links) of the Cuba Aliados Miami Toros Viejos.

Barry brought back some great memories by reviewing the Oliva V Torpedo. This is going to be my first cigar to start of the great weekend.

NiceTightAsh had a tasty Cuban cigar called the San Cristobal De La Habana La Punta. I was excited to link to their post so I can type/read the long San Cristobal De La Habana La Punta name.

Cigar Choice did a review on a Man O War cigar. I have actually never had one but I think I will add it to this weekends list of cigars to smoke / peoples sites to comment on.

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