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Dubai news: Present cigar packing to change in July

Submitted by Oliver on December 14, 2011 – 4:09 amNo Comment

Since the implementation of the graphic health alerts on tobacco products has started already, all major companies have to stop their current packaging by July 2012.

The first pack with the new design will hit local markets in August, 2012.

The majority of international tobacco manufacturers has been already presented 5 copies of the chosen pictures to dress the future packs and details that will be obligatory on the new packaging, according to the federal Anti-Tobacco Law. The meeting was held on Monday and was the first from the series of informative sittings with the shareholders.

Thus, tobacco products without an Emirates Standardisation and Metrology Authority (Esma)-approved certificate won’t be permitted into the country by August 2012. This law will affect local tobacco companies as well; they, too, will be enforced to stop their current packaging at the given timespan. According to Mohammed Badri’s words (the Director-General of the Esma) at the gathering, the organization will see the manufacturers after the given period finishes in order to determine necessary terms of erasing the stock with current labels.

Companies have also agreed to provide Esma with samples of their new packaging before releasing their products to the market. However most of their representatives renounced commenting on the subject.

Local manufacturers are not happy with the new law. One of them who wasn’t even present at the gathering, said the innovation will add to the price significantly. He also added that they need some special equipment, like colour printers and scanning assets. He was also concerned with the annual price increase, since these two factors altogether will make the customer think twice before he would buy another pack of cigarettes next time.

The good news is that the new law doesn’t affect cigar industry yet. Cigars could still be packed differently, offering more than 50 ways of wrapping.

According to the manufacturers, cigars need to be aged, so those of them that need seasoning cannot be destroyed till July. However, Mohammed Badri said that the new law applies to all types of tobacco, so the issue still needs to be discussed later.
Well, the clouds are gathering over the world of tobacco little by little but I do not lose hope that sometimes in future everyone will get everything he/she wants without legal restrictions and won’t need to break the law.

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