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D’crossier Cigars

Submitted by Rob on February 25, 2010 – 12:00 am2 Comments

As many of our readers may know puffingcigars.com strives to showcase the hard working boutique cigar brands that are, or will be, making a large impact in the industry. We are delighted to introduce you to the D’crossier cigar company based out of Miami, Florida.

As of current date the D’crossier cigar company produces four blends; the Premium Blend, Diplomacy Series Golden Blend, Diplomacy Series Limited Edition, and the Imperium Class Vintage. Assembly and manufacturing takes place at their facilities in Costa Rica. However all of the cigars feature three types of tobaccos from Ecuador, Costa Rica, and the Dominican Republic in different configurations and sizes. Each is then packaged in the most detailed and elegant boxes that just oozes with pride and sophistication.

We humbly recommend you try these fine blends and taste the result of a family passion for premium aged handcrafted cigars. Allow us to fulfill your expectations of a pleasurable cigar smoking experience and you will not be disappointed.

Isaias Santana Diaz, the president of the company, was born in Cuba and migrated to the U.S. in 1995 from Sweden. H e considers himself “lucky to be a citizen of the U.S” and is grateful for the opportunity to contribute back to his beloved cigar community. As you speak to Santana you will quickly feel genuine passion and love for his cigars that he hopes brings you nothing but pure enjoyment.

The Story Behind the Cigars:
Taste in cigars, as in all things, is largely a matter of personal preference; quality, on the other hand, can be held to measurable standards. The D’crossier brand embodies excellence, crafted using a time-honoured family recipe that dates back to the nineteenth century. From the minute you inhale one of our fine cigars, you will savor the legacy of Francis Navarro Crossier, my great grandfather and inspiration.

Back in the eighteen hundreds, Great Grandfather Crossier found himself on a journey to North America, searching for seeds to renew his vineyards in France. As with many great adventures, the law of unintended consequences dictated that he should arrive on the beautiful island of Cuba. Confronted with the varied and delightful flavors of that island, he wrote in his diary (which our family still retains) about the “fine Cuban Leaf of Tobacco” used in his smoking pipe, and “the Pinar Del Rio Valley (which) is a giant humidor all by itself”.

He quickly learned the Spanish way of life and language. He got used to the gentle Caribbean weather patterns and used them to his advantage to harvest fine Cuban tobacco. Although he intended to return to France to expand his domain with the combination of wine & cigars, love touched his heart and he remained in Cuba. There he prospered, investing in sugar cane and local real estate. Wine, Brandy and cigars were a passion he indulged after every meal and late into the night.

I heard all these stories at family reunions, but when I discovered his diary and read it, my heart and soul were touched and I was transformed. In 1990, I tried to roll my very first cigar and smoke it. I was only 17 years old, and when I lit this imperfect creation, inhaled and immediately coughed it out I vowed to complete my great grandfather’s legacy by crafting a truly great cigar.

With luck, timing and the grace of God, Great-Grandfather’s heritage now lives on within our family. I am proud to share with you the embodiment of our family’s vision, our dream, which I am blessed to have recreated in my lifetime.

You can find more information about the D’crossier cigar company by visiting their website: http://www.decrossier.com.

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  • Tom Ufer says:

    I’ve had the pleasure of meeting Isaias a few months ago and sampled some of his blends. They are fantastic cigars that really should be in more retail shops ASAP!

  • Lee says:

    they carry many from their line at my local B&M. They’re a bit pricey for a line that most people have never heard of.