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Dad Gets Fostering Ban for Smoking Two Cigars

Submitted by Alex on September 15, 2011 – 7:03 amOne Comment

This world seems to be unfair to smokers, especially to cigar smokers. Discrimination against smokers has taken on just crazy proportions lately.

For instance, here’s what happened in Brentwood, Great Britain – a dad got banned from fostering children after the authorities found out that Paul Baker had smoked two (!) cigars in 18 months. The Essex County Council did not take into account that the poor guy smoked these cigars outside of his home, far from his four children – one at a wedding and the other one at a work bash.

Non-smoker Paul whose single weakness was smoking two cigars in one year and a half far from his family admitted this to Essex County Council officials, being confident that the truth wouldn’t hurt. And next day, with sixteen months into the foster care application process, he was told that that he was not allowed to become a foster dad, with his application denied.

Baker gets fostering ban

The Essex County Council which took this over-the-top decision tried to defend it by saying that families with at least one member smoking are not allowed to foster children under five. But given that Paul did not smoke home, I don’t see how children could be harmed.

Right now recruitment firm director Paul and his wife are considering whether to appeal or not. I say they should appeal and get a fair decision to defend the rights of all dads out there who smoke a cigar from time to time (not in the presence of children, of course).

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