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Crazy Cigar Aficionado Steals Cigars and Beats up Policemen

Submitted by Alex on June 24, 2011 – 1:12 amNo Comment

It seems that some people are ready to do just about everything for cigars. And it’s fine with me (I wouldn’t quit smoking cigars for anything in the world) until it is within the legal limits. But anything beyond the bounds of law is just plain wrong, folks.

Some Steven Lopez got so crazy over cigars that he decided to steal them from Sheetz Gas Station near Wallburg at 2:20 a.m. His cigars of choice were $2.78 Owl grape blunts. Personally, I wouldn’t risk going to jail over this particular brand and at least pick something more exquisite. But there is no disputing about tastes.

However, when two police officers tried to detain Lopez, he resisted arrest and attempted to drive off in a patrol car after shoving Deputy J.F. Huff. When the deputies pulled him out of the car, the unfortunate offender got into a fight with police officers Varner and Huff – that’s what the police reports say.

But this is not everything to this story. When the police officers finally handcuffed cigar-crazed Lopez, he somehow managed to get of the car and once again got into a fight with the poor deputies (though this brings up the question why two police officers were unable to overpower Lopez). The funny thing is, with these two fights, nobody got injured – neither the police officers nor Lopez.

However, Lopez did not go unpunished. This night resulted into four charges for him – obstructing and resisting police officers, misdemeanor larceny,
attempted felony and assault on government employees. He is detained in the Davidson County jail under a $20,000 bond and will appear before court on June 27.

Here’s the question – would it be so hard buy these $2.78 Owl grape blunts instead of stealing them? And though this passion for cigars is commendable, this is obviously not the right way to satisfy it. The only excuse for Steven Lopez could be that his behavior was influenced by an unknown substance, as reported by the police.

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