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Counterfeit Cohiba cigars seized in Florida

Submitted by Oliver on November 11, 2011 – 4:11 amOne Comment

No one likes having to deal with fakes, especially when it comes to counterfeit cigars, be them either of Cuban or Dominican origin. This time the falsifiers chosen to fake the Cohiba brand released under the General Company trademark.

On November 9 General Cigar announced that, thanks to the actions being taken by Federal and Florida state law enforcement officials, a batch of 3000 counterfeit Cohiba cigars with the famous red dot were confiscated from 7 local stores situated in Key West, Florida. The band of fakers was put under observation that lasted for a year already, however the operation became possible to be conducted only these days because of the lack of evidence.

The representatives of General Cigar think this was not a simple seizure of counterfeit products but also an unquestionable victory for the company. They are struggling with the counterfeiters for a long time already, and each time a counterfeit lot of cigars is seized, the company takes it as its own victory as well as victory and good deed for its clients.

I”m glad authorities managed to confiscate these cigars before they reached us, I mean usual smokers who could be blinded by the brand and not recognize the fake in time. Though I pity these shops that gave a lot of money to the counterfeiters and were left with nothing in the end- no money, no cigars. Well, I pity them only in case they are not at one with the smugglers, otherwise, good luck at the trial! ;)

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One Comment »

  • Torget says:

    *LOL*… Counterfeit cohibas.
    I thought this was only a problem in cuba, but it seems like the US “imported” this problem even if import are not allowed! ;-)