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Cigar guilty of a man’s arrest

Submitted by Oliver on October 28, 2011 – 6:43 amNo Comment

Believe it or not but a good cigar could also act as a good evidence to police. This funny and at the same time cautionary tale took place back in 2009 when two policemen were chasing after a criminal but escaped him. They were left with nothing but a car he stole and threw on the roadside, a cigar butt and some other things he left inside.
The story continued this year after the DNA test proved that the cigar butt belonged to Timothy Hriczo, 45, who resided at Hellerman Street in Philadelphia whose data was found in the police database. He was immediately arrested and accused of burglary, stealing, running away from a police officer and a second-degree crime. He is currently kept under arrest in the Bucks County prison and could be let out on a $100,000 bail.
In 2009 a Cpl. Michael Wojnar from Lower Southampton intercepted the Bucks County police radio broadcasting the description of the oldsmobile wagon being involved in the attempted robbery of a Lower Moreland gas station. He saw the wagon while patrolling the Street Road and began chasing the car immediately after activating his police flasher.
The felon didn’t intend to stop his wagon and continued driving through cars and the oncoming lane breaking the traffic regulations. Cpl Wojnar was joined by fellow policemen from Bensalem and Philadelphia but both the car and the criminal managed to escape the chase, although the wagon has been later found on a road side where the felon left him.
The car has been thoroughly investigated but the only thing the police could find was a cigar butt, a pair of gloves and a knit cap. Cpl Wojnar has interrogated the real owner of the stolen car who said neither he, nor his relatives and friends ever smoked cigars.
So the cigar butt has been taken to the Pennsylvania State Police’s DNA lab but since they were overloaded with a lot of other cases, the results of their analysis has come to light the last week only. Hriczo has been arrested and taken to jail , charged with a bundle of accusations – I hope he won’t escape prison and no one will give him $100,000 to pay the bail.
Every story could be considered a good one if it has a happy ending. This story seemed an unsolved case for policemen due to lack of evidence and disappearance of the felon if not for the small cigar butt. Thank you for your existence, my little friends – not only you indulge my taste buds when I smoke you but also help catch criminals.

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