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Black Band Project

Submitted by Rob on March 25, 2009 – 3:55 am7 Comments

Black Band ProjectBlack Band Project,, has been creating a lot of buzz in the internet cigar world. Forums, blogs, twitter, and even Yahoo! Answers are springing up with one major question: Who is behind the Black Band Project? will give you the official answer (this answer is FACT) but allow us to make a few comments and put some questions on the table for the company and the cigar smokers.

Company X has created the viral marketing campaign that the cigar industry has never seen. It is very refreshing to see a big player in the industry break new ground and connect with all the smokers. Especially connecting, and attracting, the cigar smokers who may be put off by magazines displaying the cigar information next to a review of a $100,000 watch.

Additionally you must be applauded for providing cigar connoisseurs (both new and seasoned) with the correct message. Cigars must be judged based on ones own merits.

Many cigar smokers put too much weight on one magazines reviews and numbers (the rating) that appear next to the pictures. I have seen people purchase a stick because it received a 90 and never try another because it was only given an 89.

Attempting to dispel the “Cuban myth” deserves another applause. While Cuban tobacco is something we (USA) have not have the privilege of tasting legally, you can be assured that product coming out of other States is just as good if not better.

Calling out “The Showoff” or the person who buys cigars based on price will yield you yet another applause. The $50 cigar will not always taste better than the $5 smoke. Too many variables come into play that I would not even scratch the surface of why pricing is set. Everyone should be daring enough to give the lower end (based on price not quality) cigars a shot. You, and your wallet, might just be pleasantly surprised.

However this marketing and campaign still leaves me some questions for the this big industry player.

  • Are you admitting your cigars have never been, and might not be, rated very well by the big magazine.? I can only remember one cigar that recently received a top 25 rating and that was in 2007.
  • Are you telling me to ignore the “luxury” advertisements/image your parent company Davidoff produces and publishes because it’s BS?
  • You know your current website/advertisements still try to reference Cuba/Cuban tobacco and the one rating from CA right? Wouldn’t this be leading someone in the opposite direction of Black Band Project message.

Overall I would like to thank Company X for creating such a cool buzz on the internet. I love your marketing, ideas, and stuff you produce. The company is always friendly and it’s a great group of people to have in the industry.

I would also like to tell everyone to sign up for and be safe in knowing that this is a legitimate, established company that will send you a great, perhaps new, product you will fully enjoy.

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  • David K. says:

    Most people won’t know to add the bold and red letters together. But either way – thanks for the info. I feel better about giving them my info.

  • Lee Foreman says:

    Hey I love the marketing ploy free smokes Is a good thing…

  • tobacmon says:

    I signed up when this first hit and the link does not work–I emailed several emails with no response to date. My guess it’s a ploy to gather your email addy—If it was a good business practice then the links and emails should get a quick reply especially when it comes to technical matters–My 2c.

  • MadAl says:

    Has anyone received the promosed free smokes? No one I know has. Seems Camacho had a good laugh on everyone who participated.

  • james says:

    i got the cigars there from honduras,exceptional quality,just lit one up and im already hooked,took awile to get them but i must say its well worth the wait..

  • Linda says:

    6/22/09 We just received our cigars but We can’t get to the website that tells us what “a” “b” “c” which are on the individual cigars

  • MadAl says:

    Got mine last week! Someone let the cat out of the bag on A, B, C, but I won’t. You probably won’t be surprised, but you won’t be sorry either!