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Australia to Introduce Plain Packaging for Cigars

Submitted by Alex on October 6, 2011 – 12:49 amNo Comment

As you probably know, the plain packaging law has passed in Australia in the summer. To assure that cigarette customers are not attracted by bright packaging, cigarettes will be sold in logo-free dull packages with warnings about the risks and dangers of smoking.

The next victims of the Australian government are going to be loose smoking tobacco, chewing tobacco, cigars and cigarillos. The plan is to sell home-made cigars in the packaging of the same color with no logos and allow foreign cigars to be sold in original packaging but covered in stickers. The name of cigars is supposed to be written on stickers. The packages would also feature abundant health warnings.

cigars plain packaging

The Canadian government tried to do this trick with cigarettes a while ago. But tobacco companies did not just sit idly by.  According to NAFTA, foreign investors can defend themselves against discrimination from national governments in court. And after Philip Morris and R.J. Reynolds threatened to sue the Canadian government for ‘expropriation’ of their trademarks, considered their intellectual property, Canada backed off.

Seeing that America has close ties with Canada and Australia, it would be logical to assume that the US will be next to try to pass this law (maybe, not now, but in a few years or decades). I say – let them pass the law and introduce plain packaging. After all, it is the contents that matters and not its packaging. Personally, I would rather prefer good cigars in a drab package than bad cigars in a nice one.

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