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Arnold Schwarzenegger Faces Legal Action Over Cigar

Submitted by Alex on August 18, 2011 – 7:43 amOne Comment

Smoking is prohibited in all Austrian stations, harbors, and airports. And seeing Arnie with a cigar at Salzburg Airport, anti-smoking protesters decided to file a lawsuit against the former Mr. Universe and California governor.

The funny thing is that the airport authorities are not sure whether Arnold Schwarzenegger puffed on the cigar or not. The Salzburg Airport press officer, Alexander Klaus, believes that the cigar was cold and no smoke was coming out.

And it seems that Arnie will get away scot-free. According to a Salzburg legal expert, Josef Goldberger, Schwarzenegger can ignore any legal requests coming from Austria since this issue is not covered in the treaties between the U.S. and Austria.

Though it is ridiculous that the Austrian anti-smoking lobby is even thinking about any legal action given that Arnie was not puffing, I can see why it is so quick to find him guilty. Arnold has a history of smoking cigars in Austrian airports. He paid a hefty fine of 200 euro for smoking a stogie at Graz and at Salzburg.

Schwarzenegger is a known cigar lover whose passion for cigars has helped to make California a haven for cigar aficionados by opposing smoking bans. Back in the days of his acting career, Arnold Schwarzenegger often puffed on cigars while promoting the movies in which he starred. He did not drop this habit when he was elected as a governor and even set up a personal cigar-smoking  tent in the Capitol, becoming an icon for cigar aficionados.

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