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Arganese Responds

Submitted by Rob on September 25, 2009 – 8:28 am7 Comments

Gene Arganese Cigar ClubClarification on the “opportunity” has come through by Mr.Arganese posted through one of his representatives on the forums.

Throughout this insightful letter I have added my commentary, primarily continuing questions to Mr. Gene Arganese. For the sake of clarifying I have kept his writing in red and ours at will be in black.

Hi Andy,

Yes I saw the Puffin Site that is bashing me and my company and I would like to set the story strait, First of all the site and program is not a pyramid scheme, this was a company that was formed for someone else that backed out because of only finacial difficulties.

First Mr. Arganese the information on the article was not made up or pulled through thin air. I am sorry if the facts and questions came across as “bashing” you or your company. No Mr. Arganese “bashing” was not the intention, the intention was to get answers to questions that you had trouble answering to.

This company is far away from any so called pyramid scheme (a pyramid scheme generally happened approx 10- 15 years ago in were people weren’t selling any products they would buy positioning in a pyramid and depending were you were in the pyramid the more money you would make but there were losers at the end of this who lost all there money.

In a legal multi-level marketing Company like CEO there are NO losers you get product at or below market value and you have the opportunity of making money while trying different cigars and if you like it you could refer someone or just drop out and get a full REFUND.

Mr. Arganes your information posted here and the information posted on the CEOMLM.COM website seem to differ. People who join your program do not have the “option” to refer someone. It is a requirement (section 3.5) that you bring in a certain number of members in the first two months or the “membership” ceases.

These similar programs or clubs go on everyday at any of your major or local on-line cigar stores there called cigar clubs in were you get cigars automatically sent to you every month, the only thing different with our club is that you have the ability to make money with it if you choose to.

Mr. Arganese if this is a “club” then why is it never referred to as a club. Why are your “members” always referred to as “affiliates”? And why would anyone ever deny being part of a club?

If you go into the website of CEOMLM.COM you will read all the legal rules and regulations which were drawn up by legal council to make it legal and to mainly protect the customer. The reason this was started was because I would get tons of questions of “how could I do what you do and make money smoking cigars”?, or “times are tough now and I wish I had some extra money to buy a few more cigars this week” after hearing these comments and many other similar comments I thought this program would be great for these people and the cigar industry overall, now I understand it might not be for everyone but its a great program and should not be scrutinized at all.

Mr. Arganese, do you really believe a program in which a manufacturer is selling in direct competition to his local B&M shouldn’t be scrutinized? Do you really feel a program in which you had denied involvement in shouldn’t be scrutinized?

I would never do anything to hurt the cigar world, its my passion and my life, I work morning till night on trying to always come up with better ways to blend or build cigars or to help educate my brothers in the cigar world, I even take approx. 350 people to my complex every year free of charge for 4 days, they stay in our house we pay for the lodging, food, liquor, all the cigars you could smoke, and transportation of the tour and to and from the airport; We do this yes to promote our brand but to also to give the cigar community a better appreciation for how a quality hand made cigar is build from seed to cigar, and yes we let the people (our diplomats) purchase a limited amount of cigars that you can’t buy here in the states at a discount just like you could do when you go to the Hershey chocolate factory tour etc…. Its min. you could only take back 150 cigars into the united States.

Mr. Arganese are you not aware that your “cigar club” might be misconstrued as something else that will give the cigar industry a negative outlook? Does any manufacture or representative need to do anything that could potentially bring more oversight during these trying times for the tobacco community? Does the Hershey chocolate tour allow you to take out 150 gallons or even 150 bars worth of chocolate into the public?

I sent over a response yesterday on the Puffin website when I was made aware of this and to have them call me and left a telephone number for them to call but NO response, that’s sad that they didn’t even have the decency to call me. And they mentioned that I hushed them away when they asked me at someone elses event about the CEO program and they said I denied that I was part of the business end and just built the cigars for the company, well they were correct I did that because that was originally my main purpose and responsibility of my partnership agreement, was to do what I know best and build the cigars for CEO, then they said that I didn’t talk about it and that was correct, I make it a policy that when I am at a persons store or event that I am there helping them permote there store and products and I will never talk about other cigar stores or clubs while I am in there House, I feel that would be very disrespectful and I wouldn’t go there with anyone, thats why I didn’t want to elaborate there about CEO, it was for no other reason.

Oh Mr. Arganese please do not lie to anyone in the cigar industry. I received your email on Monday at 8:01 am local time. I sent you a response at 11:43 am, just hours later, explaining that it would be difficult for me to catch you at your office. Did I not Mr. Arganese leave my phone number in the email? To ensure you have my contact information my phone number, again, is 602-652-2602.

And Mr. Arganese, please do not lie to the people as to why you wouldn’t answer. You visited the store before opening hours with your representative Rob (whom I think is a great rep). When the question was asked there was no one in the lounge, there was no event, it was just you, Rob, and Wyatt.

Not only that Mr. Arganese but it was a valid question by Wyatt because he was acting as the store representative (in deciding to bring in your product). Do you not think that would be a fair question to ask? So is your explanation that Wyatt, making the decisions for the store, didn’t deserve an answer about your “club” because…?

I Think people should look at the CEO website and see what its all about and if anyone has any interest of running it full or part time to please contact me at anytime, or if anyone has ANY questions about this or the free dominican trips you could always call my office at 401-622-4505 and speak directly to me, I have always and will always make myself available to any of my brothers of the leaf.

Mr. Arganese do you think that this club should still be running in operation at this time? Does the cigar industry need a MLM program… or club? Are you now trying to buy your way back into the good graces by hinting at a free trip?

Thank you,
Gene Arganese

Well Mr. Gene Arganese thank you for your response! I am glad to know it is not a pyramid scheme but in-fact a nice national “cigar club” established directly by the manufacturer that competes with your local B&M. Do you still fail to realize what’s really going on? Are you just going to continue to make up excuses?

Mr. Arganese, Gene if I may, this is a time where you can help the cigar industry. Let’s take your ability, and really do some good for the industry. Perhaps we can make cigars more affordable for everyone (instead of making them refer people and become affiliates to earn pennies) if you were to help fight the taxes or legislation that gets handed down.

As a business supporter we want Arganese Cigars to succeed Gene. I would be more than willing to get you in-touch with blenders, tasters, web people, or anyone that can help you out. I will do anything to my ability to make sure a fellow cigar lover, a cigar company, an American business succeeds.

But you Gene, Mr. Arganese, you must take the first steps in the right direction.

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  • caosmoker says:

    BRAVO!! Again BRAVO!! Slime is the only thing that comes to mind here! That and LIES! If Mr. Arganese were so proud of his CEOMLM then he would not have any reservation to discuss it at any opportunity. Double Talk and back step is what you see here. When things are Shady they are not so apparent like this deal. Not an MLM opportunity? What kind of Weed is he smoking in his Cigars???? It is a ClASSIC MLM proposal. Any Moron can see this. AND WHO WOULD WANT TO JOIN A CLUB WHERE YOU GET THE SAME DUMB ASS RECYCLED CIGARS EACH MONTH?? CLUBS are so you can enjoy smokes from different companies and broaden your horizon not have Gene Arganese failures repackaged. You can put a pretty bow on a Turd to make it look good. But it will always be a Turd and in the end it will still stink. Just like this deal! IMHO………

  • Isaac Boda says:

    Even if Illusione, JFR or Rocky P had one of these “clubs” I wouldn’t join it. Receiving a small amount of the same cigars every month for doing the companies PR and advertising for them… no thanks.

    I wouldn’t worry too much about this getting far, because pyramids are rarely every successful. People shy from these kind of things… I just can’t see it working at all with the cigar world.

  • The Critic says:

    Oh Snap! This is getting intense. In the end though, I want every cigar company to succeed, just not when there is some shady business going on. Speaking of shady, what ever happened to the S-THIS cigar?

    • Rob says:

      S-THIS is a dumb idea as well. It’s kind of like waiving a big flag at the government asking them to tax cigar smokers even more.

  • michaelsean says:

    I haven’t seen the English language butchered that badly in a Kindergarten class.

  • Anejomofo says:

    Very well handled. There are no excuses for this kind of behavior. I am encouraged to see a critical response to this scheme coming from all points of our community. Right on.

    Thanks very much for the unflinching journalism.

  • Gary J. Arzt says:

    Mr. Arganese proclamation of his passion for cigars is laudable for a real estate developer. The lack of command of the English language is equally notable, for any sort of businessman.

    More to the point, his explanations, about HIS PYRAMID SCHEME,fly in the face of all available evidence.

    I would say that,fortunately,no one will fall for it with the exposure Puffing Cigars has given it. Alas, we can’t rely on that, Thousands of people, each year, fall prey to the widely known and exposed “Nigerian scam,” and its various incarnations.

    Nonetheless, Rob, you have done the cigar community a service.