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Smoker friendly places

Submitted by Oliver on September 16, 2011 – 4:59 amNo Comment
Smoking Beauty

Smoking Beauty

You thought enjoying a cigar would be very simple- just choosing whatever you like and buying it? No, sir, you’re terribly wrong! I think you forgot about something very important and this “something” is a place to smoke. I hear some sad sighs – yeah, yeah, I know too many places where smoking is prohibited, and they get even more with years. :( But some places actually think about different tastes of their clients, and make everything possible to make their guests feel comfortable.

Most people go to bars for only reason – to communicate with others. No drinking till we fall, no eating till we need a doctor :) – just chatting, and what’s wrong with the fact we want to smoke one (two) cigar(s)? Many of these places banned smoking, and the number of their visitors decreased significantly. But there are special bars where smoking is allowed: either the entire bar is smoker friendly, or they have two separate areas – for smokers and non-smokers to enjoy the atmosphere.

Cigar shops have become almost the only places where smoking is still not prohibited (and I truly hope this won’t happen soon). They sell their cigars to people who smoke tobacco, and have right to allow people smoking inside. I doubt these places are ever visited by those who don’t smoke at all, so no one gets hurt. I personally prefer such places to almost anything else – smoking brand cigars, drinking quality drinks and talking to people with same approaches to life – there’s hardly something better than that :) .

Hotels - what would a tourist be without a shelter to be able to stay and appreciate all the creature comforts of a hotel while admiring various places of interest? You’re a smoking person? Well, then you should find some other place to smoke – no room smoking allowed, only in special smoking places designated for that purpose. And if someone from hotel’s administration catches you smoking in your room or at their restaurant, you’ll need to fork out circa $250 for such self-will :) .

Restaurants are not on my list of preferences – they often ban smoking in such places, and though I understand other people have their rights to be angry with us (they simply envy us, guys :) ), I cannot but avoid such places. Yes, I like their kitchen and I would often call my wife there to have a date but these short sorties are a reason of my headache the next day.

I should recognize, I didn’t find too many places of a friendly smoking kind (with the exception of my back yard, of course) but I have some advices for you before you try smoking in an unknown zone.

  1. Ask about the smoking rules at the place you are going to – be it a neighborhood bar, different state restaurant or another country hotel.
  2. Also do not forget to learn the price for such misconduct if you somehow forgot about the banJ. It could be very useful for you later.
  3. Be very polite and never offend people who work in non-smoking places – they’re not responsible for the Government and could be simple smokers who suffer from such bans as much as you do :) .
  4. Be grateful the outdoor smoking in your backyard patio is not prohibited yet.
  5. Hope for better times to come or at least a new planet for smokers only to be discovered, so that you could visit it with your friends whenever you have a 15 minutes break at work :) .
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