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Senor Rio Tequila

Submitted by Rob on March 17, 2010 – 12:30 am3 Comments

I was sitting in a dimly lit cigar lounge, after hours, enjoying a peaceful smoke and finishing up some work I had pushed to the side. Being the only one at the shop I was startled when a man walked in that had arms larger than my head and sleeves of very colorful tattoos.

Mind if I join you for a smoke?” he asked a calm demeanor that carried a hint of exhaustion.

Never one to pass up good company during a smoke I cleared space and Jonathan, as I would later discover his name, and I began with the normal cigar conversation that encompassed everything and nothing at the same time. At one point he asked what my favorite pairing was with a cigar and I quickly answered with the standard three “Scotch, Whiskey, and Bourbon.

Wait right here.” he says quickly jumping from his seat and running to his vehicle. When Jonathan returns he has an elongated bottle with a prominent stopper that just captures your attention. Not telling me exactly what I was about to drink he pours some in a glass and asks me to enjoy.

Enjoy it I did. Sipping on this drink I was picking up something sweet, something spicy, something that reminded me of Cognac, maybe a whiskey, something I couldn’t put my finger on. It had a different taste in comparison to the “standard three”. That’s when Jonathan dropped the bomb on me and informed me I was drinking an “ultra premium boutique tequila” that was new on the market.

Without saying another word he stood up, excused himself politely, and asked if we could meet up again tomorrow – same place, same time.

The next evening he entered the establishment with a beautiful lady, Debbie Medina. We selected Tatuaje Red Label cigar based on Jonathan’s recommendation for pairing. Again we began an enjoyable a conversation but this time I was informed on the spectacular tequila I had tried the night before. Senor Rio.

The two explain that they had taken a trip to Mexico to meet with Debbie’s father. During this visitation her father was making some old-fashioned tequila moonshine that was absolutely fabulous. It was a process and recipe that would date back over 200 years in Debbie’s family.

The light bulb quickly went off in both their heads as they realized this was a recipe that needed to be brought out of hiding. Putting their careers on hold, as an accountant and real estate agent, they both sought to make the American dream come true.

After months of finding the perfect distillery that would produce the tequila the “old fashioned way” they were able to bring a blanco, reposado and añejo tequila to the states. It’s only fitting that Senor Rio tequila was born on Cinco De Mayo 2009. The tequila was named Senor Rio after her father and his image was laser engraved in the stopper of the bottle. Design of the bottle was a collaboration of both Jonathan and Debbie who wanted to create something that stood out in a land of the “standard” tequila bottle.

It is in that spirit, the spirit of family and tradition that they proudly bring to you Senor Rio tequila.

As their Gilbert, Arizona company grows and flourishes with every sip Debbie and Jonathan still meet up with me, and now us at, every week to enjoy a cigar and relax after a hard day of work. And with every meeting we proudly, smoothly, and enjoyably drink nothing but Senor Rio tequila.

For more information on Senor Rio tequila, event notifications, pictures, recipes or to contact please visit the Senor Rio website at

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  • Alex says:

    Why is he proud of tequila, tequila belongs to Mexico as a “Denominacion de Origen”, nobody can use the name of Tequila outside of Mexico, even if they are following the same process. Isn’t it ilegal?

  • PJ says:

    This tequila is great. I highly recommend it. Thanks

  • liz says:

    This is the best tequila I have had!! It is so smooth on the palate and is so upscale. Pure, smooth and luscious!! dont even need a lime or salt.. everyone should try to find it as you cant do wrong!!!