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Paris to Cuba

Submitted by Rob on August 21, 2009 – 10:56 am2 Comments

Paris to CubaAs smoke lingers about in the atmosphere of the lounge and you slowly take a draw from your favorite cigar you can hear the syncopated dulcet sounds of the jazz band playing in the background. Your senses are tingling and you realize that the pairing of the music, the atmosphere, and your cigar are fusing together in a marriage of pleasure that is rapturous, and at that particular moment transcendent! If the curtain of Heaven was pulled back and you could observe surely this would be what it is like. Nothing pairs better with cigars than an atmosphere rich with music!

So what is this weeks featured music set all about? This is what the artist has to say:

Every time I go to Paris, I get inspired. I start thinking about ways I can embrace the city and absorb its magic…

This album takes me back to my time there, and I reflect on how I have always enjoyed traditional and classical French music – been intrigued by the use of melody and sultry textures. I started playing with some melodies on the piano; inspired by the Parisian mood and architecture, I was trying to re-create the buildings I had seen that stood like frozen compositions. The compositions I began to write would soon lend themselves to a melding with the energy and simplicity of the music I also love from Cuba, along with all of its influences.

It’s not always easy to combine styles of music from their technical anatomies, but I was in no way trying to do that here. This album, inspired by my appreciation of both styles, came about from the feel-good spirit that both Paris and Cuba share. I must admit, working with my good friend Melissa Newman brought it all together; she embodies the spirit and beauty of these musical cultures. Her voice created the perfect accent for this project.
- Mario Grigorov

I would encourage you to visit the Paris to Cuba homepage to get more information of the artist, photos and even hear samples of the music. And to our readers/followers please leave a comment on this page to be entered to win a copy of this cd!

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  • From your description, as well as from the artist, this sounds like something I would like. Music is a huge part of my life and I always have some playing in the background, no matter what I do during the day and night. After a long day, a cigar, a drink and some good music area all I need to unwind or to revive for a good night out. Thanks for sharing!


  • Alex B. says:

    Sounds like a great CD to listen to while smoking a cigar.