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Luxury Wish List

Submitted by Grant on August 29, 2009 – 2:22 amOne Comment

2010 Madone 6 Series

For those of you that enjoy the active lifestyle here is something that might be right up your alley. Trek’s latest creation Madone 6 series has raised the bar. By Trek’s own admission they weren’t going to settle for anything less than perfection and spent tens of thousands of hours and banged out over seventy designs before the felt they got it right.(imagine what that costs.) Trek even came up with a whole new carbon system for this bike. With features like Shimano’s Di2 electronic drivetrain, integrated computer sensor built into the frame that can wirelessly send measurements of speed, distance, and cadence to a display, and then coupled with the above mentioned carbon system; it appears Trek has created another winner.
MSRP: Starting at $8,609.99

2010 Chamber

Like it or not signs of the 80’s return are out there. Take a walk around the mall and you will see neon colors in the windows of just about every shop. Mosely Tribe, which has an extensive collection of classic sunglasses, has paired up with Hellz Bellz to create their 80’s inspired frame, Chamber. These limited run sunglasses feature two color combination’s black/red and tortoise/jade in a window type frame with the classic aviator type bridge, these shades say nothing more than “I love the 80’s”. If you’re going to sport these retro flashbacks make sure you grab a cigar from way back in the humidor that’s been aging for a while and take yourself back a couple decades.
MSRP: $220


James Bond wears cufflinks, you should too. From the novelty link, such as the iPhone cufflink to Designer links there is no better way to finish off your attire, casual or formal alike. Cufflinks added to your attire is like a good scotch with a cigar. It completes it and shows you have some personality. According to, “If you want to separate yourself, and standout from the other guys, cufflinks are one of the quickest and best solutions you can find. They not only add shine, but elegance and personality on your attire too.” So next time you’re getting ready for that special occasion, or just want to add a little something to your casual wear don’t forget to finish off the look with your cufflinks and maybe introduce yourself with your last name first….Bond, James Bond.
MSRP: Varies

Seiko Spring Drive: Chronograph SPS003

With terms like Tri-synchro Regulator, reserve power unit, and gear train components your first thoughts might be something complicated, a space ship perhaps. The Seiko Chronograph doesn’t fly but the second hand moves continuously around the dial smooth and accurate and captures your attention like a space ship in flight. The Chronograph SPS003 is a limited series run of 300 which display Seiko’s newest technology line, Spring Drive. Seiko says, “The new generation mainspring delivers more power, more smoothly and for longer.” They boost that the watch is accurate within +/- 1 second a day and has a 72 hour power reserve. With these advantages over the competition the Seiko Spring Drive is a winner our book.
MSRP: Around $5,500

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