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Cigars in movies

Submitted by Oliver on July 15, 2011 – 7:37 amNo Comment

Tobacco products have been slowly conquering our world – step by step, day by day they are constantly appearing in our lives and catching our attention from TV screens and billboards. I came up with an idea to think of movies where the leading or even a secondary character is smoking a cigar and playing one of the best parts of his/her role. Such moments are kept in mind for whole life long and people often remember one or another actor for this particular scene. I will name some of them – and I think you’ll later add to the list, I’m sure everyone has something to say.

So let’s start this thread with the world’s most powerful and muscular robot-Terminator of all times – Arnold Schwarzenegger and one of his most striking films – “Commando”. He used to smoke lots of cigars both while acting and during breaks. It is said young actors all started smoking cigars after the film shoot – because of their idol.

I think many of us remember this movie full of action and suspense where one of the most charming villains is smoking a cigar when talking with his henchmen and planning his next fraud. Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome John Travolta in one of the best movies ever – “Swordfish” and his criminal personage Gabriel Shear.

Bill Murray is an actor who plays both comic and dramatic roles with equal talent and success. In one of his movies, “Lost in Translation” he plays a tired actor Bob Harris who met a young woman in a strange city Tokyo. He met her in a bar while smoking a cigar and thinking about sad moments of his life.

Jean Hackman never ceases to surprise us with the range of roles he played and will be playing if future, I’m sure. In the movie “The Quick and the Dead”, his character John Herod, a very cruel and despotic rich man, is smoking cigars throughout entire film.

Who’ll ever forget this tiresome man in a frayed beige coat who liked sticking his nose into other people’s affairs? And a permanent cigar in his mouth he liked to smoke while interrogating all kinds of criminals? Of course, it’s our dear lieutenant Colombo played by late Peter Falk and his love for smoking and truth.

Sharon Stone plays a woman called Ellen in the same movie “The Quick and the Dead”, – not similar to any other women because she’s brave and stark to give a dare to John Herod, she rides a horse, shoots from a gun and smokes cigars when she’s riding.

Another beautiful woman in this absolutely male topic – Angelina Jolie and her movie “Original Sin” where she’s playing the seductive vamp woman Julia Russell/Bonnie Castle. She manages to smoke cigars while seducing Antonio Banderas in the role of Luis Antonio Vargas – madly in love and maddened by passion.

And, finally, the last character in our list but not less beautiful than our previous female participants- Famke Janssen in the role of Russian beauty Xenia Onatopp. She’s playing cards in the movie “The Golden Eye” and smoking a сigarillo – same thin and refined as the woman herself.

I hope you enjoyed this list as much as I did, so I’m waiting for your further additions to it. I’m sure there are a lot of other interesting movie characters whose distinctive feature and favorite pastime was smoking cigars.

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